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Jumbo Candy

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Jumbo Candy
KMA Jumbo Candy Sprite.png
Sprite of Jumbo Candy from Kirby Mass Attack.
Use Become giant and invulnerable for a short time
Obtained Various points in stages.
Game(s) Kirby Mass Attack
Comparable to Invincible Candy
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My sources say that there's a quirky kind of candy out there. It makes you so huge that you can just wade through blocks and enemies like they're nothing! But with such great power comes short duration. When your body starts to blink, act fast. Your jumbo rampage is nearly over!
— Daroach, regarding Jumbo Candy, in Kirby Mass Attack

Jumbo Candy is a special variety of Invincible Candy which appears only in Kirby Mass Attack. When collected, it makes all Kirbys giant and invulnerable to enemy attack for a short time. It also allows them to trample enemies and break Metal Blocks they march over. While under the effect of Jumbo Candy, Kirbys are able to move faster and will instantly defeat any enemies they touch, as well as resist several hazards. They also all gain dour expressions and flash in multiple colors. Jumbo Candy wears off after a short amount of time, with a flashing indicator on the Kirbys to signal when the effect is about to end.

It should be noted that when under the effect of Jumbo Candy, the Kirbys will also destroy any Treasure Chests and Keys they run into, so caution is needed when using this, particularly in Green Grounds - Stage 9 and Volcano Valley - Stage 11.


  • Jumbo Candy is similar in function to Mega Mushrooms from the Super Mario series.

Flavor text[edit]

  • "Chomping some Jumbo Candy is a lot of fun. The whole world is yours to smash! But when you're huge, you can't do everything you can when small. Who knew that candy had a downside?" --Daroach, in Kirby Mass Attack


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Bonbon géant Giant candy
German Riesenlolli Giant lollipop
Korean 빅 캔디
Bik Kaendi
Big Candy
Latin American Spanish Mega candy
European Spanish Mega piruleta Mega lollipop