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Artwork from Kirby Mass Attack
First game Kirby Mass Attack
Similar entities Beanbon, Big Zombon, Mummbon
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Zombons are common enemies only appearing in Kirby Mass Attack. Initially, they take on the role as the weakest, most vulnerable enemy in certain levels of Volcano Valley, and essentially replace Mummbons from the Sandy Canyon stage. In certain stages, Zombons will continuously pop up from the ground, replacing those that are defeated.

Overall, Zombon has a similar appearance to Beanbon. It has red eyes and a leaf that appears to have been chewed and tattered. It is sickly green color with faint, dark green spots. It has round, purple feet and a stitched mouth.

Zombons mainly attack by shooting small, spherical red blobs at Kirby, eventually enveloping him in a bubble. The player must tap Kirby to save him. If he/she takes too long to pop the bubble, Kirby will periodically turn into a Zombon. Attacking the zombified Kirby will transform him back to normal.