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Character InfoBox
Artwork from the Kirby's Dream Course manual.
Debut Game Kirby's Dream Course
Similar Characters Kirby
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Keeby is one of Kirby's species. He is bright yellow with large blue eyes and wears a pair of light orange shoes. Like Kirby, he is also able to obtain Copy Abilities, and plays exactly the same in every respect to his pink counterpart.

To date, Keeby has appeared only in Kirby's Dream Course, where he can be controlled by the second player in the 2P Mode. In the English version of the game, Keeby is not named.


Keeby's in-game sprite.
  • Keeby's color scheme may be a reference to how Shigeru Miyamoto ([[1]]'s creator) wanted Kirby to be colored yellow before Masahiro Sakurai decided that he should be pink.