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In-game sprite of Flickerfloof from Kirby Mass Attack.
First game Kirby Mass Attack (2011)
Similar entities Floof, Loud, Dekofloof, Nimbus
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I've heard that those cloudy Flickerfloofs have been spotted in the dry desert. They sprinkle rain wherever they go, which can help you grow plants. They also strike with lightning. Be careful if you plan to use one as a watering can.
— Daroach describing Flickerfloof in Kirby Mass Attack

Flickerfloof is a small cloud-like enemy in Kirby Mass Attack appearing solely in Stage 2 of Sandy Canyon. It is similar in most every respect to the harmless Floof, but it is dark gray in hue and storms constantly underneath itself, creating an endless but very localized rainstorm. Occasionally, it will attempt to shoot lightning, which can harm any Kirby caught beneath.

In Stage 2 of Sandy Canyon, Flickerfloof's rain is necessary to grow Spire Vines which can be used to bust through metal block barricades to obtain medals stashed therein. If the Kirbys defeat Flickerfloof, another will appear immediately in its place. Defeating Flickerfloof confers 500 points onto the player.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピカフワ
Portmanteau of「ピカピカ」(pika-pika, onomatopoeia for electric sparkling) and「フワフワ」(Fuwafuwa, Floof)
German Flimmer-Flaumaro From "flimmern" (to flicker) and "Flaum" (fluff)
Spanish Parpaflufis From "parpadear" (to blink) and English word "fluffy"