Volcano Valley - Stage 6

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Volcano Valley - Stage 6
Volcano Valley Stage 6 KMA.png
The one Helmee who isn't hostile.
Level Volcano Valley
Kirbys Needed 4
Medals 5
Rainbow Medal Medal 4
Stage Order
Volcano Valley - Stage 5 Volcano Valley - Stage 7
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Volcano Valley - Stage 6 is a stage in Volcano Valley, from Kirby Mass Attack. 4 Kirbys are needed to enter the stage.


This stage takes place in a dark haunted mansion. There are two main paths to take through this stage, with the choice made in the first room of the mansion.

The upper path takes the Kirbys through a reasonably dark series of halls, where spotlights cause various barriers to dissipate. Here, the Kirbys will need to deal with a number of Grueglooms, who are dangerous in the dark, but vulnerable in the light.

The lower path leads the Kirbys through a series of very dark tunnels. They will need first the help of a Helmee with a lantern, then their own torches to light the way forward. Several enemies will get in their way, but the Kirbys will be relatively safe so long as their torches remain lit.

The two paths converge, then lead outside of the mansion. Here, the Kirbys will have to deal with Zombons and Gravys before finding the stage exit.

Medal Guide[edit]

  • Medal 1 - On the upper path, the Kirbys will encounter a quartet of Grindarrs. One of these is concealing a chain which can be use to lower a potted plant into the hall below. The Kirbys then have to push this plant into the light to get it to bloom, yielding this medal.
  • Medal 2 - On the upper path, just after the first medal, the Kirbys can pull down a searchlight to reveal the path to one of two doors. The Kirbys need to pull it down to reach the lower door, then enter. From there, the Kirbys have to push some Heave-Ho Blocks against a large Schnoz to get this medal on the other side.
  • Medal 3 - On the upper path, while the Kirbys are following the light in the Grue hall, a medal can be obtained along the way.
  • Medal 4 Rainbow Medal.png - Outside of the mansion on the other side, have a Gravy slam a metal block in the floor to reveal this Rainbow Medal.
  • Medal 5 - Take the lower path, using the torches to light the way forward. At the end of the path there will be a hidden second cannon past a breakable wall and the first cannon. The medal will be within reach if the Kirbys take this second cannon back up.


Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

  • None