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Volcano Valley - Stage 11

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Volcano Valley - Stage 11
Volcano Valley Stage 11 KMA.png
Kirby is in space.
Level Volcano Valley
Kirbys needed 10
Medals 5
Rainbow Medal Medal 2
Stage order
Volcano Valley - Stage 10 Volcano Valley - Stage 9 (correct) →
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Volcano Valley - Stage 11 is a stage in Volcano Valley, from Kirby Mass Attack. To reach this stage, Volcano Valley - Stage 10 must first be completed. All 10 Kirbys are needed to enter the stage. Completing this stage is necessary to access Volcano Valley - Stage 9.


This stage takes place in outer space. As such, the Kirbys are in a zero gravity environment, and will proceed through the stage as if they were swimming; however, they will not need to worry about running out of oxygen, as there is no air meter. The Kirbys will need to deal with a number of space variants of usual monsters, but will also have to deal with a new monster called the Schwarz.

Eventually, the Kirbys find their way onto a large spaceship, with the gravity being normal inside. While here, the Kirbys will have to ride a long elevator up, then back down again. Further in, the Kirbys will get a chance to mess with the gravity settings. From here, the path splits in two, though both require some zero-gravity maneuvering. The paths re-converge at a cannon blast, with the stage exit just beyond. Once inside, the Kirbys can press the Big Switch that had so long eluded them.

Medal guide[edit]

The following are the locations of each medal in Volcano Valley - Stage 11, including Daroach's hints and more details where applicable.

Medal locations in Volcano Valley - Stage 11  
Medal Daroach's hint How to reach
KMA Medal sprite.png
Medal 1
There are skull keys in space too. If you see one but can't get close to it, examine the area around it. The solution will be nearby. While traveling though the tunnel, a switch can be found which temporarily opens a gate. On the other side, another switch can be found to open a different gate. Two gates - one tied to each switch - yields a Skull Key. Taking the key will send the Kirbys to fight the Skull Gang (not in space) to get the medal in their chest.
Rainbow Medal.png
Medal 2
I've heard there's a medal in space near some of the melody switches. I'm afraid that you'll have to hit all those switches, no matter how difficult that may be in space... While going down in the elevator, a Rainbow Medal can be collected if the Melody Switches are all pressed in the correct order.
KMA Medal sprite.png
Medal 3
When you're on the space base, you'll often be floating around in zero gravity. Other times, you'll have gravity weighing you down and will want to turn it off! I've heard that there's a medal hidden way high up in that base. I bet if you could float up there, it'd be yours. In the chamber where gravity can be turned off, the Kirbys have to swim all the way up the chute to get this medal.
KMA Medal sprite.png
Medal 4
Up in the space base, you'll often be able to float around freely. So you'll have the ability to find your way to some melody switches that will open the way to a door. Go through that door to find your way to a medal. Closer to the end of the chamber where gravity can be turned off, the Kirbys can swim up in the previous room to find some musical switches. The Kirbys will have to press these in zero gravity to open the way to the door below. The door takes them to an auto-scrolling hallway, where they will need to swim through, then fire across a chain of cannons. This medal orbits the last cannon.
KMA Medal sprite.png
Medal 5
They say there are small satellites floating around in space that have mushrooms growing all around them. Inside those satellites are often items. You can break apart those satellites by hitting the pressure plates exposed between mushrooms. One of those satellites holds a medal, I'm just sure of it. I've also heard there's something terrible nearby. It's some sort of creature that makes black holes that will suck you in... Taking the further-right door from the gravity chamber, the Kirbys can find a Key guarded by a Schwarz. Further in is the chest which is protected by a bump barrier. The medal is inside.


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