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Zeke KEY artwork.png
Artwork of Zeke from Kirby's Epic Yarn.
First appearance Kirby's Epic Yarn (2010)
Latest appearance Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn (2019)
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He loves to play hide-and-seek! Try to find him and his friends!
— Cast quote from Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn.

Zeke is a monkey-like creature that appears in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. After Kirby properly decorates Apartment 102, Zeke will become a tenant. He will play a minigame with Kirby called "Zeke's Hide-and-Seek". In these minigames, Zeke and his friends will split up, and Kirby must find them throughout levels that Kirby has already completed in a designated amount of time. The reward for completing each level of the minigame is Fabric. After completing a minigame level, another one will become available, providing the stage the game is held in has already been played through. There are 18 levels in all.

Zeke's name is based on "seek", fitting for his hide-and-seek minigames.

Zeke's Hide-and-Seek[edit]

Main article: Zeke's Hide-and-Seek
No. Level Difficulty Time (minutes) Fabric
1 Fountain Gardens 1 3:00 Blue Sky
2 Rainbow Falls 1 3:00 Rainbow Dot
3 Big-Bean Vine 2 1:00 Natural Dot
4 Pyramid Sands 2 3:00 Red Dot
5 Cool Cave 2 3:00 Red Tartan
6 Flower Fields 2 3:00 Sunflower
7 Dino Jungle 3 3:00 Dino Egg
8 Toy Tracks 3 3:00 Colored Blocks
9 Mushroom Run 3 3:00 Mushroom
10 Sweets Park 3 3:00 Gifts of Love
11 Melody Town 3 0:20 Music Lover
12 Splash Beach 3 3:00 At the Beach
13 Blub-Blub Ocean 3 3:00 Waves
14 Snow Fields 3 2:00 Igloo
15 Future City 4 3:00 Future City
16 Tempest Towers 4 2:00 Butter Building
17 Mole Hole 4 0:15 Veggie
18 Dark Manor 5 3:00 Floaty Ghost


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クルリン
French Cachel Pun on "cacher" (to hide) and "cache-cache" (hide-and-seek)
German Suchmich "Search for me"
Latin American Spanish Escompiter Pun on the word "escondite" (hide-and-seek)
European Spanish Esquivín Pun on the word "esquivar" (dodge)