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Zeke KEY artwork.png
Artwork for his appearance in Kirby's Epic Yarn
Debut Game Kirby's Epic Yarn
Last Game Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
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Zeke is a key-like creature that appears in Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn. After Kirby properly decorates Apartment 102, Zeke will become a tenant. He will play a minigame with Kirby called "Zeke's Hide-and Seek". In these minigames, Zeke and his friends will split up, and Kirby must find them throughout levels that Kirby has already completed in a designated amount of time. The reward for completing each level of the minigame is Fabric. After complete a minigame level, another one will become available providing the stage the game is held in has already been played through. There are 18 levels in all.

Zeke's Hide-and-Seek

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No. Level Difficulty Time (minutes) Fabric
1 Fountain Gardens 1 3:00 Blue Sky
2 Rainbow Falls 1 3:00 Rainbow Dot
3 Big-Bean Vine 2 1:00 Natural Dot
4 Pyramid Sands 2 3:00 Red Dot
5 Cool Cave 2 3:00 Red Tartan
6 Flower Fields 2 3:00 Sunflower
7 Dino Jungle 3 3:00 Dino Egg
8 Toy Tracks 3 3:00 Colored Blocks
9 Mushroom Run 3 3:00 Mushroom
10 Sweets Park 3 3:00 Gifts of Love
11 Melody Town 3 0:20 Music Lover
12 Splash Beach 3 3:00 At the Beach
13 Blub-Blub Ocean 3 3:00 Waves
14 Snow Fields 3 2:00 Igloo
15 Future City 4 3:00 Future City
16 Tempest Towers 4 2:00 Butter Building
17 Mole Hole 4 0:15 Veggie
18 Dark Manor 5 3:00 Floaty Ghost

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
German Suchmich "Search for me"