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Artwork of Mara
First appearance Kirby's Epic Yarn (2010)
Latest appearance Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn (2019)
Theme music

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Quote1.png She loves racing and fashion. See if you can pass her when she's catching her breath! Quote2.png
— Patch Plaza description

Mara is the final neighbor (or tenant as they are called in the game) that Kirby can get in Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn. Like other neighbors, she offers a minigame that Kirby can play. In this game, Kirby must race her to a certain point within a random stage. Like all the other minigames, winning Mara's game awards Kirby a prize.

Mara’s Race[edit]

No. Stage Difficulty Fabric
1 Patch Castle 1 Twirling Cross
2 Fountain Gardens 1 Green Star
3 Flower Fields 2 Honeycomb
4 Rainbow Falls 2 Green Textile
5 Big-Bean Vine 2 Preppy
6 Pyramid Sands 3 Red Textile
7 Lava Landing 3 Burning Flame
8 Cool Cave 3 Battins
9 Dino Jungle 3 Ancient Ruins
10 Toy Tracks 3 Happy Train
11 Mushroom Run 3 Caramel Star
12 Sweets Park 3 Cookie Cookie
13 Melody Town 3 Treat Land
14 Splash Beach 3 Baby Blue Dot
15 Blub-Blub Ocean 3 Water Land
16 Secret Island 4 Jolly Roger
17 Deep-Dive Deep 4 Blue Textile
18 Snowy Fields 4 Snow Mountain
19 Cozy Cabin 4 Knit
20 Frosty Wheel 4 Snow Land
21 Future City 4 Denim
22 Tube Town 4 Space Land
23 Stellar Way 4 Galaxy
24 Whispy's Forest 4 Baby Stars
25 Tempest Towers 5 Spinning Stars
26 Cloud Palace 5 Bubbly Clouds
27 Castle Dedede 5 Castle Dedede
28 Mole Hole 4 Candlemander
29 Dark Manor 4 Pumpkin Party
30 Fossil Reef 4 Fossil

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Canadian French Vi Viane Probably related to "vite" (quick) or "vie" (life) and "Viviane" (Vivian)


  • Mara's name is a pun on the word marathon, a term usually used to describe a long-distance running event. While probably not intentional, the Hebrew name "Mara" means "bitter," and Mara is somewhat bitter when she loses.

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