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KEY Buster artwork.png
Artwork of Buster
First appearance Kirby's Epic Yarn (2010)
Latest appearance Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn (2019)
Theme music

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Knows that a gentleman must train to be healthy! Can you complete his program?
— Patch Plaza description

Buster is a minor character who appears in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. His name comes from the verb "bust", meaning "to defeat".

After buying the third floor on the apartment in Patch Plaza, Kirby can meet Buster after placing certain furniture items in his room. When he shows up he can challenge Kirby to a minigame. What makes his minigame unique from the other neighbors' is that Kirby must defeat a certain number of enemies within a time limit by any means. Also, like the other neighbors, he gives Kirby a reward of Fabric, that can be used as wallpaper or carpet for Kirby's Pad, when Kirby successfully accomplishes his minigames.

Buster’s Training[edit]

Main article: Buster's Training
No. Level Difficulty Time Limit Enemies Fabric
1 Sweets Park 1 1:20 10 Sweet Dot
2 Rainbow Falls 1 1:30 20 Waddle Dee
3 Pyramid Sands 2 1:30 10 Mummy Mania
4 Mushroom Run 2 2:30 15 Buttonfly
5 Melody Town 2 0:40 10 Orange Soda
6 Cool Cave 3 1:30 15 Dandan
7 Dino Jungle 3 0:45 25 Hot Wings
8 Splash Beach 3 0:40 15 Water Hoop
9 Blub-Blub Ocean 3 0:30 10 Waterfall
10 Snowy Fields 3 1:00 20 Midnight Dot
11 Frosty Wheel 3 0:45 10 Snowflakes
12 Mysterious UFO 3 0:15 4 UFO Sighting
13 Stellar Way 4 1:00 30 Meta Knight
14 Whispy’s Forest 4 0:50 20 Woods
15 Tempest Towers 4 0:35 10 Candy Dot
16 Cloud Palace 4 1:10 70 Yin-Yarn
17 Weird Woods 4 1:00 30 Fangora
18 Dark Manor 5 1:30 15 Squashini
19 Boom Boatyard 5 1:30 20 Capamari
20 Evergreen Lift 5 1:20 20 King Dedede


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ガッチン
Possibly from a corruption of「がちがち」(gachi-gachi, an ideophone for brawny muscles)
Canadian French Bo Muskle Likely an altered spelling of "beaux muscle" (good/beautiful muscles)
European French Costo Pun on "costaud" (husky)
German Bizepeter From "Bizeps" (biceps) and the name "Peter"
Italian Baldo Meaning "bold" and "self-confident"
Korean 든든이
Combination of "든든" (deun-deun, "stout" or "strong") and "~이" (-i, Korean noun-forming suffix)
Spanish Bronquín Possibly from a diminutive of "bronca" (fight)