Green Grounds - Stage 10

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Green Grounds - Stage 10
Green Grounds Stage 10 KMA.png
The first underwater stage.
Level Green Grounds
Kirbys Needed 9
Medals 5
Rainbow Medal Medal 1
Mid-Bosses Tortletummy
Stage Order
Green Grounds - Stage 9 Green Grounds - Boss Stage
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Green Grounds - Stage 10 is a stage in Green Grounds, from Kirby Mass Attack. 9 Kirbys are needed to enter the stage.


This stage is the first water stage in the game. Unlike other games in the Kirby series, Kirby can drown if he runs out of air. Having more Kirbys on the team will extend his air meter, and collecting air bubbles will replenish it.

Most of the rest of the stage takes place underwater, in a series of twisting tunnels, occasionally blocked off by Heave-Ho Blocks. Further in, the Kirbys have to contend with the Mid-Boss Tortletummy. From there, the stage exit can be found after leaving the waterways.

Medal Guide[edit]

  • Medal 1 Rainbow Medal.png - A Fruit Switch needs to be hit to make a formation of green apples appear. Eating all of these apples before they disappear will cause a Jumbo Candy to appear. This candy can be used to bust through a metal block barrier up ahead, which contains the Rainbow Medal.
  • Medal 2 - After pushing the Heave-Ho Block down the Metal Block chute, this medal can be found in a cracked section of the wall beneath the door to the next area.
  • Medal 3 - The second-last in a series of clam shells can be opened to reveal this medal.
  • Medal 4 - The third-last in the clam shell series holds a side-door which leads to a room with a large Jellifrizz inside. The medal can be found in the middle clam shell in this room.
  • Medal 5 - Past the clams, a side-door can be found in a cracked ceiling section. In there, a Key can be grabbed, which needs to be safely carried past the fight with Tortletummy. In the area past, a giant clam shell can be opened to reveal the chest, which holds the medal inside.


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