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Artwork from Kirby Mass Attack.
First game Kirby Mass Attack
Latest game Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Similar entities Mega Grindarr
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Grindarr is an enemy that appears in Kirby Mass Attack and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. It is a large stone block creature attached to a chain, which attempts to crush Kirby if he draws near, opening its mouth wide before doing so. Once it has hit the ground, a Grindarr is slowly pulled back up by the chain until it is in position to fall again.

In Kirby Mass Attack, Grindarrs come in two varieties. The first is grey in color, and cannot be harmed. The second is sandstone orange in color, and can be shattered if hit enough times by a flicked Kirby. These Grindarrs often conceal chains, which the Kirbys can pull to reveal items. There is also a larger variety of Grindarr called Mega Grindarr.

Grindarrs appear in Sandy Canyon - Stage 3 and Sandy Canyon - Stage 9. They reappear in Volcano Valley - Stage 7, also being affected by the blackout.

Orange Grindarrs also appear in the Sub-Games Kirby Brawlball and Kirby Quest. In Kirby Brawlball, they launch Kirby back onto the playing field if he lands on them, then disappear. In Kirby Quest, two Grindarrs, each with 500 HP, are fought in Stage 6 of Chapter 2.

Grindarrs return in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, and function in much the same way as before. Kirby may find himself above a Grindarr as it falls on several occasions, however.