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Quad Gun

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Quad Gun
Quad Gun.png
Sprite of Quad Gun from Kirby Mass Attack.
Debut game Kirby Mass Attack (2011)
Similar to Kabula
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Quad Gun[Japanese title] is a Mid-Boss in Kirby Mass Attack. It appears in Volcano Valley - Stage 2, and chases the Kirby tank. It is a very large tank in its own right, with four eyes and as many slots for missile cannons.

Quad Gun is fought in four phases, with only one of its eyes being open per phase. To damage this Mid-Boss, the Kirby tank needs to fire at a button that corresponds with the color of the open eye when it appears. Hitting a skull button will cause the Quad Gun to roll over to four missile cannons, then fire them all off. The missiles the cannons shoot can be destroyed by firing at them, and the cannons can be destroyed in two hits.

During the last red phase, Quad Gun switches frames, and the button that needs to be shot will need to be hit many times. It will also continually swap places with skull buttons. Once Quad Gun is finally defeated, it confers 3,000 points to the player.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クアドガン
Quad Gun