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Beadrix KEY artwork.png
Artwork of Beadrix from Kirby's Epic Yarn.
First appearance Kirby's Epic Yarn (2010)
Latest appearance Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn (2019)
Theme music

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She loves sparkling beads and other shiny objects! Go collect some with her!
— Cast quote from Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn.

Beadrix is a character in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn who appears after Kirby designs Apartment #201 in Quilty Square. She is a blue square that is oriented diagonally, with two smaller squares on each side facing upwards. Her English name is a pun on "bead" and the female name "Beatrix", which fits her because she loves beads.

She gives Kirby a challenge called "Beadrix's Run", which consists of collecting as many beads as he can within a time limit in stages already completed. The first time Kirby manages to collect a certain amount of beads, Beadrix will reward him with fabric. Completing a minigame level will make another one available if the level it takes place in has been beaten. There are 20 challenges in all.

Beadrix’s Run[edit]

Main article: Beadrix's Run
No. Stage Difficulty Time Limit Beads Fabric
1 Flower Fields 1 1:30 600 Happy Flower
2 Pyramid Sands 2 0:30 200 Hot Land
3 Big-Bean Vine 2 1:00 200 Grass Land
4 Sweets Park 2 0:40 250 Ice Cream
5 Blub-Blub Ocean 2 0:20 200 Blue Star
6 Deep-Dive Deep 2 0:20 200 Raindrops
7 Lava Landing 2 0:30 160 Fireball
8 Mt. Slide 3 0:30 100 Iceberg
9 Stellar Way 3 0:40 320 Milky Way
10 Dino Jungle 3 0:25 250 Spooky Woods
11 Mushroom Run 3 0:30 250 Bitter Cocoa
12 Fountain Gardens 4 0:20 200 Brick
13 Whispy's Forest 4 0:30 250 Green Dot
14 Cozy Cabin 4 0:50 680 Hot Dog
15 Future City 5 0:40 340 Chain Link
16 Mole Hole 4 0:40 240 Stone Wall
17 Evergreen Lift 4 1:00 280 Holiday Trees
18 Moon Base 5 0:50 250 Planetarium
19 Battleship Halberd 5 1:20 1200 Halberd
20 Outer Rings 5 1:30 1000 Ringed Planet


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビータン
From「ビーズ」(bīzu, beads) and「~たん」(-tan), an alternative form of「~ちゃん」(-chan)
French Perlanne A feminine name that have the word "perle" (bead)
German Perline Derived from "perle" (bead)
Italian Gemma Italian for "gem", but it's often used as a name too
Korean 구스리
Combination of "구슬" (guseul, bead) and "~이" (-i, Korean noun-forming suffix)
(NB: The final consonant of 구슬 migrating into the suffix syllabic block reflects how one would pronounce the name even if it were written as 구슬이. Indeed, Korean writing is generally morphophonemic rather than purely phonemic, meaning that Korean compound words (whenever practical) preserve the morphology of the underlying morphemes as opposed to always reflecting pronunciation. The writing of the name as 구스리 instead of 구슬이 is thus an idiosyncratic choice of orthography naïve to the constituent root elements, almost childlike)
Latin American Spanish Gemita Diminutive of "gem"
European Spanish Cuentisa Portmanteau of "cuenta" (bead) and feminine name "Isa"