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Necrodeus KMA Artwork.png
Artwork of Necrodeus from Kirby Mass Attack.
First game Kirby Mass Attack (2011)
Latest game Kirby Star Allies (2018) (cameo)
Weakness(es) Kirby
Similar to Nightmare, Wham Bam Rock
Theme music

no music given

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Quote1.png A rainbow seems to be a universal symbol for harmony! But I wonder what Necrodeus sees when he looks at a rainbow? Probably gives him a headache. Quote2.png
— Daroach in Kirby Mass Attack

Necrodeus is the primary villain of Kirby Mass Attack and the leader of the Skull Gang hailing from the Necro Nebula, serving as the boss of that area, and as the final boss of the game. He is responsible for splitting Kirby into ten smaller copies, in order to more easily destroy him. He resembles Nightmare to a certain extent, though Necrodeus' skeletal nature is the primary difference between the two.

Role in Kirby: Mass Attack[edit]

In the introductory cutscene, Necrodeus appears out of nowhere while Kirby is sleeping in a field and zaps him with his magic staff, which splits Kirby into the ten mini-Kirbys. He then proceeds to destroy them one by one, but the very last Kirby manages to get away, guided by his heroic heart which popped out of him. Necrodeus' primary motive for destroying Kirby is merely to get rid of the greatest obstacle in the way of allowing him and his Skull Gang to spread darkness across Popstar and claim it as their territory.

Throughout the course of Mass Attack, Necrodeus' minions continue to harass the Kirbys, most notably when the Skullys pull all but one of the Kirbys off their Warp Star as they attempt to travel between the Popopo Islands, forcing the remaining Kirby to build up his buddies again once he reaches his destination.

After the Kirbys evade the Skull Gang and destroy Necrodeus' greatest minion, Skullord, the Skull Gang's influence is broken over the islands, and their homeworld, Necro Nebula comes into view. The Kirbys travel there and confront Necrodeus directly. As they enter his hall, they see the staff he used to split them apart and attempt to get it, but Necrodeus appears and swallows the staff, forcing the Kirbys to defeat him for it. Once Necrodeus is finally defeated, he is banished into a dark void, leaving the staff behind, and allowing the Kirbys to reunite into one puffball once more.

Boss Fight[edit]

Necrodeus is faced at the end of Necro Nebula. He attacks in three phases, using his hands for the first two, and his skull for the final.

The first phase has him using his hands separately, and one-at-a-time to pound the ground. As he pounds, the Kirbys will have to fling themselves at the weak point on each hand's back. Breaking both of these will hurt Necrodeus, and trigger the next phase.

The second phase has Necrodeus using his hands to channel energy, and attempt to clamp the Kirbys. First the Kirbys must dogpile on the hands as they open, being careful not to get squished in the process, then after the hands are immobilized, they go after the weak points again. Once both are damaged, the hands are finally destroyed.

The final phase places the Kirbys in a zero gravity situation, and has Necrodeus summoning horned Skullys and fire-spitting crossbones at them. Should that fail, he will drift into the area himself and attempt to fire energy beams from his mouth. As he charges up the more deadly variety, an eyeball appears inside his mouth, which the Kirbys must attack. Once it is sufficiently damaged, Necrodeus is sent into a dazed stupor, where the Kirbys then engage in a tug-o-war to finally destroy him.

Miscellaneous flavor text[edit]

  • "Necrodeus hates light and wants to steep the world in darkness. As a pirate, I can respect that. But with no light, all my treasure would cease sparkling. And I can't have that. Do everything in your power to stop him. My gold must shine!" --Daroach, in Kirby Mass Attack


  • According to Daroach, Necrodeus chose to attack Popstar because it was 'the brightest star in space'.
  • The name Necrodeus literally means 'death god'. As such, he can be seen as an incarnation of death itself.
  • Necrodeus appears different in gameplay then in the opening cutscene.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ネクロディアス