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Volcano Valley - Boss Stage

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Volcano Valley - Boss Stage
Skullord attacked KMA.png
The Kirbys fire into Skullord's head using a series of cannons.
Level Volcano Valley
Kirbys needed 10
Boss Skullord
Stage order
Volcano Valley - Stage 9 Necro Nebula - Stage 1
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Volcano Valley - Boss Stage is the last stage in Volcano Valley, from Kirby Mass Attack, unlocked by activating the Rainbow Bubble in Volcano Valley - Stage 9. In this stage, the Kirbys battle against Skullord. 10 Kirbys are required to enter the stage, and completing it is required (along with finding all the Rainbow Medals) to unlock the next level: Necro Nebula. Completing this stage also causes all the Skullys patrolling the Popopo Islands to disappear.


This stage and boss fight have two distinct parts to them. In the first, the Kirbys stand on a series of three fragile floors and need to prevent the giant Skullord from breaking this floor using falling pyroclast that he throws at them. If this floor is completely broken away, the Kirbys will fall out of bounds and be instantly defeated. For the standard rocks, all that's needed is to toss a Kirby at the rock to shatter it. In subsequent rounds, however, Skullord may throw much larger rocks, which can be dealt with by catching them in a large bowl that the Kirbys are given by some Birdees. The very last rock that Skullord fires will initiate a tug-o-war scenario, and if failed, will instantly defeat the Kirbys regardless of the state of the floor below. After dealing with enough volleys, the Kirbys can reach a cannon which will launch them at the background-dwelling Skullord, heading into the second phase.

After using the cannon, the Kirbys slam into Skullord's head and push him into the open volcano he was standing on. From here, the Kirbys need to launch from a series of moving cannons to hit the welt that has formed on Skullord's head to deal him further damage. This section is complicated by the fact that any missed shots from the cannons run the risk of shooting the Kirbys into the spikes on Skullord's crown or those along the left wall. Some of the cannons that the Kirbys have to jump through have timers on them, which will cause the cannon to shoot the Kirbys automatically if it counts down to 0.

After three rounds of these two phases are completed, Skullord will be defeated.

In Necro Nebula[edit]

Necro Nebula - Stage 4
KMA Necro Nebula - Stage 4 screenshot.png
The Kirbys go toe-to-toe with Skullord once more.
Level Necro Nebula
Kirbys needed 1
Boss Skullord
Stage order
Necro Nebula - Stage 3 Necro Nebula - Boss Stage
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Necro Nebula - Stage 4 is the fourth stage in Necro Nebula, from Kirby Mass Attack, available from the start, where the Kirbys rematch against Skullord. Only 1 Kirby is required to enter the stage, and completing it is necessary to unlock the final boss stage.

Differences from Volcano Valley[edit]

  • The background is changed to a more eerie purple.
  • Skullord has a different color scheme.
  • The initial rocks that Skullord shoots will contain Fruit when broken, mostly Melons and a Maxim Tomato.