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Dedede Resort - Stage 6

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Dedede Resort - Stage 6
Dedede Resort Stage 6 KMA.png
The Kirbys contend with a Roguemole who has ambushed them.
Level Dedede Resort
Kirbys needed 8
Medals 5
Rainbow Medal Medal 1
Mid-Bosses Steelsnapper
Stage order
Dedede Resort - Stage 5 Dedede Resort - Stage 7
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Dedede Resort - Stage 6 is a stage in Dedede Resort, from Kirby Mass Attack. 8 Kirbys are needed to enter the stage. The Big Switch in Dedede Resort - Stage 5 must also be pressed to enter this stage. At the end of the stage is a Rainbow Bubble.


The stage begins on the coastline, where the Kirbys will need to contend with Waddle Dees carrying bombs. At the end, the door to the next area is trapped inside a large bubble, which the Kirbys must hit 5 times without it hitting the ground to pop open.

In the next area, the Kirbys will have to contend with Kyuin and the Roguemoles.

From there, the Kirbys must cross a long series of bridges, with spinning squaroid blocks on them, some of which bear Tacotzos.

In the next area, the Kirbys do some fishing to clear the way of Stickles.

From there, the Kirbys are launched into an underwater passage leading downward. At the bottom, the Kirbys will have to grapple with Steelsnapper to clear the stage.

Medal guide[edit]

The following are the locations of each medal in Dedede Resort - Stage 6, including Daroach's hints and more details where applicable.

Medal locations in Dedede Resort - Stage 6  
Medal Daroach's hint How to reach
Rainbow Medal.png
Medal 1
Did you see the moles that throw spiked balls at you? They're called Roguemoles. They seem to guard the areas they're found in. You might just find a medal near one of those Roguemoles. The Rainbow Medal can be found in the ceiling above some Star Blocks, guarded by a Roguemole in the floor.
KMA Medal sprite.png
Medal 2
You'll want to try to run past the Roguemoles that dig through cave ceilings and hurl spiked balls. Not so fast. You can strike at them after they attack. That could help you break through any barriers on the cave floor. Just before the room with the Rainbow Medal in it, a Roguemole resides in the ceiling over a metal block floor. The Kirbys have to pummel this enemy and send it crashing through the metal block floor. From there, the Kirbys can swim past a Kyuin, grab a Skull Key, then fight the Skull Gang to get the medal.
KMA Medal sprite.png
Medal 3
You may discover giant floating cubes that spin around when you stand on them. Most of them turn easily. But you'll need 10 Kirbys to spin one of them. It's worth the effort. There's a door inside that cube that leads to a medal. There are also lots of clams down there. You may find something that will help you near them. Along the path with the rotating squares, one of the larger ones requires all 10 Kirbys to rotate. Inside is a side door which leads to an underwater cave area. The medal is located on a floating raft, which the Kirbys will have to bring down by draining the water. To do that, they need to fetch the ring for the chain, which can be found by circumventing the cave.
KMA Medal sprite.png
Medal 4
If you go fishing out there with 10 Kirbys, I bet you can haul up a great catch. Big Stackle grabs a side door and swims off with it. The Kirbys will need to fish out Big Stackle to get access to the door. Inside, the medal can be found behind some Star Blocks.
KMA Medal sprite.png
Medal 5
The Steelsnapper spits torpedoes. You may have already found that out the hard way. It's said that the Steelsnapper hides things inside clams. Its treasure must be in one of them! While swimming downward past the Jellifrizz, the Kirbys can find a side chamber full of the creatures, where this medal can be found inside a shell.


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