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Skull Gang

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This article is about the antagonistic group in Kirby Mass Attack. For the music track, see The Skull Gang.

The Skull Gang is a collection of deathly creatures which make their home on Necro Nebula.

The Skull Gang hate light and life, and as such, seek to exterminate it wherever they find it. To that end, they try to destroy Kirby, the most life-brimming creature on Popstar, the most brightly lit planet, by splitting him into ten weaker copies, then carrying them off to be obliterated one-by-one. Ultimately, they fail at doing this, when Kirby manages to defeat their leader, Necrodeus, and make himself whole again using the staff that initially split him apart.

The Skull Gang consists of the following:

  • Skully - floating skull enemies with disembodied hands, which try to carry the Kirbys away.
  • Skullion - Skullys with spikes protruding from their skulls, found only in Necro Nebula. More powerful than their standard counterparts.
  • Skullseer - A horned Skully who leads a troupe of them in Volcano Valley - Stage 5.
  • Buufuu - A skull-wearing pig enemy that blows gusts of wind.
  • Skullord - large pig-nosed skull enemy who serves as the Boss of Volcano Valley and organizes the Skull Gang's activities around the Popopo islands.
  • Necrodeus - leader of the Skull Gang, who wields the staff that split Kirby apart.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドクロだん
Skull Gang
French Crânos From the word "crâne" (skull)
Korean 해골단
Skull Gang
Spanish Tropa calavera Skull Gang