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Strato Patrol EOS

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Strato Patrol EOS
Strato Patrol EOS KMA title.png
Title card for Strato Patrol EOS.
Type(s) Arcade Shoot-em-Up
Levels 6
Players 1
Appears in Kirby Mass Attack
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Move Kirby through the sky with the stylus on a flying mission. He'll fire continuously, so use his attacks to take down aerial foes.
— Details menu

Strato Patrol EOS is a Sub-Game in Kirby Mass Attack, available in the Extras menu once 35 Medals have been obtained. It is unconfirmed what "EOS" stands for, but the Music Player implies that it may stand for "Explorer of Space".

Stato Patrol EOS plays like a classical arcade space shooter, with the Kirbys functioning as the ship(s). They will fire stars continuously from their mouths, and need only be maneuvered using the stylus. Courses consist of scrolling areas where enemies come in that need to be shot down. Among them are Skullys who may be carrying extra Kirbys. These Kirbys can be freed by shooting down the captor Skully. When multiple Kirbys are on the field, they will follow the stylus in a snake-like pattern. Up to 10 Kirbys can be kept this way. Additionally, power-ups can be collected on the field which increase the Kirbys' firepower. As a last resort, the player also has a Panic Button (pressed using L or R) which fires a bunch of large Star Bullets that take up most of the screen. One of these is awarded per stage cleared. A score multiplier is present, which increments for each enemy and projectile gunned down, and resets for each enemy left undefeated.

There are six stages in total. They are summarized as follows:

  • Stage 1 is a flight over the plains. Few obstacles are present, and the player has an opportunity to gather Kirbys here. The boss is Whispy Woods.
  • Stage 2 is a flight over the ocean, where enemies become much more numerous. The boss is Kracko.
  • Stage 3 is a flight high into the sky. The bosses are Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright.
  • Stage 4 is a flight through space, with many asteroids in the way. The bosses are the Meta-Knights.
  • Stage 5 is a flight through the Halberd, with many retracting walls and conveyors. The boss is Meta Knight.
  • Stage 6 is the final stage, and is a battle with Nightmare, in both orb form and wizard form.

To clear this Sub-Game, all six stages must be completed.

Enemies in Strato Patrol EOS[edit]



  • Strato Patrol EOS and its name, logo, title screen, and gameplay are a wholesale reference to 宇宙うちゅう警備隊けいびたい SDF (Uchū Keibitai SDF, "Space Defense Force SDF"), a vertically-scrolling shooter released by HAL Laboratory for the NES in 1990.
  • The Game Over screen for this Sub-Game depicts the N.M.E. Sales Guy from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.
    • In the Japanese version of the game, a large blue text that says "HOLY NIGHTMARE" is displayed on top of the N.M.E Sales Guy, which further references his appearance on the television screen in the anime, even having a matching blue spotlight background.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 空中探検隊くうちゅうたんけんたいEOS
Kūchū Tanken-tai EOS
Midair Expedition Team EOS
Korean 공중 탐험대 EOS
gongjung tamheomdae EOS
Midair Expedition Team EOS