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Chaise Woole

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Chaise Woole
KEY Chaise Woole screenshot.jpg
Chaise Woole in his Furniture Shop.
First appearance Kirby's Epic Yarn (2010)
Latest appearance Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn (2019)
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A fine furniture seller who brings high-end style to the masses. We should thank him!
— Cast quote from Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Chaise Woole is a minor character in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. He is one of Dom Woole's brothers and is distinguished by his blue beret and eyes, bowtie, and short mustache. He runs the Furniture Shop, which opens up alongside Loomis Woole's Fabric Shop next door. His given name comes from chaise, which is French for "chair", fitting his occupation.

Items in the Furniture Shop[edit]


List of Furniture in the 'Furniture' category  
No. Name Image Description Cost
2 Elegant Chair
KEY Furniture Elegant Chair.png
This chair is quite elegant in its simplicity. 500 beads
3 Sofa
KEY Furniture Sofa.png
This sofa is perfect for kicking off your shoes and resting your feet! 500 beads
4 Elegant Sofa
KEY Furniture Elegant Sofa.png
This sofa just might be TOO comfortable! 800 beads
5 Round Table
KEY Furniture Round Table.png
This table looks good no matter where you put it! 300 beads
6 Counter Table
KEY Furniture Counter Table.png
This cute table just screams for a little vase…well, not literally, but you get me. 300 beads
7 Table
KEY Furniture Table.png
This table is actually very functional, considering how low to the floor it is. 800 beads
8 TV Stand
KEY Furniture TV Stand.png
This stand could hold one of those really big older TVs. 500 beads
9 Small Dresser
KEY Furniture Small Dresser.png
This dresser only has one drawer. Be sure to fill it wisely! 300 beads
10 Large Dresser
KEY Furniture Large Dresser.png
This dresser is nice for separating clothes that don’t get along with one another. 800 beads
11 Wardrobe
KEY Furniture Wardrobe.png
This wardrobe has double doors that open outward. 1,200 beads
12 Box
KEY Furniture Box.png
This storage unit is great for getting stuff out of the way. 300 beads
13 Display Stand
KEY Furniture Display Stand.png
This finely crafted display stand has patterned edges. 300 beads
14 Round Rug
KEY Furniture Round Rug.png
This round, pink carpet kind of reminds me of someone I know. Hmmm… 500 beads
15 Rug
KEY Furniture Rug.png
I think a square rug makes a bold statement, don’t you? 500 beads
16 Diamond Rug
KEY Furniture Diamond Rug.png
This diamond-shaped rug could also be a square-shaped rug if you turned it a bit… 500 beads
17 Fabric Frame
KEY Furniture Fabric Frame.png
If you want to display your fabric, get this. But why would you want to do that? 300 beads
18 Normal Bed
KEY Furniture Normal Bed.png
This bed gives a good night’s sleep, even in the middle of the day! 500 beads
19 Elegant Bed
KEY Furniture Elegant Bed.png
If you toss and turn, you’ll still wake up in the middle of this bed. 1,200 beads
20 Long Mirror
KEY Furniture Long Mirror.png
Just prop this mirror up against a wall, and you’re all set to look at yourself all you want! 500 beads
21 Wall Mirror
KEY Furniture Wall Mirror.png
This mirror needs to be mounted on a wall, or else it tends to roll around. 300 beads
22 Vanity
KEY Furniture Vanity.png
This is a great place to just sit and stare at yourself all day… Or so I’ve heard. 800 beads
23 Round Cushion
KEY Furniture Round Cushion.png
This round cushion reminds me of someone, but I just can’t place my finger on who… 300 beads
24 Cushion
KEY Furniture Cushion.png
This square cushion tells the world that you are totally cozy. 300 beads
25 Seat Cushion
KEY Furniture Seat Cushion.png
This triangular cushion is good for making awkward corners comfortable! 300 beads
26 Long Cushion
KEY Furniture Long Cushion.png
This cushion is the perfect size for holding on to during scary movies! 300 beads
27 Floor Lamp
KEY Furniture Floor Lamp.png
If you need to light a whole room, this tall lamp works nicely. 800 beads
28 Table Lamp
KEY Furniture Table Lamp.png
This can go on a small table…or in a really small room, I suppose. 300 beads
29 Ceiling Lamp
KEY Furniture Ceiling Lamp.png
Never eat in the dark. That’s my biggest rule. There’s just no reason to… 300 beads
30 Wall Sconce
KEY Furniture Wall Sconce.png
Attach this to a wall and BOOM! You got light on the wall! 500 beads


List of Furniture in the 'Objects' category  
No. Name Image Description Cost
1 Plasma TV
KEY Furniture Plasma TV.png
This TV might take up most of the wall in your place. I’m sure that’s OK with you, eh? 1,200 beads
2 Tube TV
KEY Furniture Tube TV.png
This classic only had one owner! Well, maybe two. Alright, it’s old, OK? 500 beads
3 Refrigerator
KEY Furniture Refrigerator.png
You can fit a lot of ice cream in this freezer here! 800 beads
4 Mini Fridge
KEY Furniture Mini Fridge.png
This is a nice fridge for snacks. It’ll save a lot of space, too. 500 beads
5 Rotary Phone
KEY Furniture Rotary Phone.png
This is a rotary phone. You turn the wheel to dial numbers. No, really! 300 beads
6 Phone
KEY Furniture Phone.png
This is a push-button phone that has a nice video display on it. 500 beads
7 Sewing Machine
KEY Furniture Sewing Machine.png
My brother says that this is one of the best sewing machines beads can buy! 800 beads
8 Alarm Clock
KEY Furniture Alarm Clock.png
You can’t sleep through this alarm! Well, I did, but most people won’t. 300 beads
9 Wall Clock
KEY Furniture Wall Clock.png
This clock can be seen from anywhere in the room. 500 beads
10 Old Clock
KEY Furniture Old Clock.png
Some call this a grandfather clock. Some call this an old clock. Some just call it a clock. 800 beads
11 Cake
KEY Furniture Cake.png
This cake is decorated with strawberries and blueberries. Berry good! 800 beads
12 Turkey
KEY Furniture Turkey.png
You like leftovers? I sure do! 1,200 beads
13 Steak
KEY Furniture Steak.png
This fake steak has pat of butter on top. You eat your steak like that? 500 beads
14 Pizza
KEY Furniture Pizza.png
You like pizza? Well here's pizza you can sit on or put on your wall. 300 beads
15 Sushi
KEY Furniture Sushi.png
Look, if you like sushi, just don't eat this. It's not actually food, OK? 1,200 beads
16 Fruit Bowl
KEY Furniture Fruit Bowl.png
Wax fruit doesn't start bad, but it ends bad if you try to eat it. Trust me on that one! 800 beads
17 Toast
KEY Furniture Toast.png
Like to decorate with toast? Then you're at the right place, my friend. 300 beads
18 Omelette
KEY Furniture Omelette.png
Someone put real ketchup on this fake omelette! Ha ha ha! …Oh, wait a sec, I did that. 500 beads
19 Sandwich
KEY Furniture Sandwich.png
You know a sandwich has been made with love when the crusts are cut off. 300 beads
20 Coffee
KEY Furniture Coffee.png
This coffee was made with beans from somewhere sunny that I've never been. 300 beads
21 Potted Plant
KEY Furniture Potted Plant.png
The leaves on this baby are nice and big. Just perfect for hiding behind! 500 beads
22 Square Planter
KEY Furniture Square Planter.png
This window planter really brightens up any sill. You got a sill? Put this up on there! 300 beads
23 Bouquet Vase
KEY Furniture Bouquet Vase.png
Now take a look at this. This vase just explodes with life…and flowers, I guess. 800 beads
24 Flower Vase
KEY Furniture Flower Vase.png
This elegant vase holds one flower, in case a bouquet is too much. 300 beads
25 Hanging Plant
KEY Furniture Hanging Plant.png
This hanging planter is good for plants that have a fear of the ground. 300 beads

Toy Box[edit]

List of Furniture in the 'Toy Box' category  
No. Name Image Description Cost Note
1 Star Bed
KEY Furniture Star Bed.png
This star-shaped bed casts a gentle glow as you sleep! 8,000 beads Available after defeating Yin-Yarn.
2 Bell Hanging
KEY Furniture Bell Hanging.png
This is a miniature version of the Bonus Bells that you see everywhere around here. 8,000 beads Available after defeating Yin-Yarn.
3 Basketball Net
KEY Furniture Basketball Net.png
Slam it, shoot it, and take it straight to the…thingie. Or whatever you kids say… 300 beads N/A
4 Flying Saucer
KEY Furniture Flying Saucer.png
This UFO might still have some aliens inside it. I keep a sharp eye on it as much as I can… 1,200 beads N/A
5 Dartboard
KEY Furniture Dartboard.png
This authentic dartboard was once used in an authentic competition. 300 beads N/A
6 Picnic Basket
KEY Furniture Picnic Basket.png
There’s an entire picnic in this basket, complete with sparkling cider! 500 beads N/A
7 Coloring Set
KEY Furniture Coloring Set.png
This could be the start of your brilliant career as an artist! You never know. 300 beads N/A
8 Steamboat
KEY Furniture Steamboat.png
This boat here is the envy of all steamboat enthusiasts. That was news to me! 800 beads N/A
9 Rocking Horse
KEY Furniture Rocking Horse.png
You don’t need to ride this to enjoy it! In fact, you probably shouldn’t. 300 beads Oddly resembles King Dedede in color scheme.
10 Car
KEY Furniture Car.png
This funky thing would be perfect for a summer drive. Will you take me? 500 beads N/A
11 Train
KEY Furniture Train.png
This thing is capable of pulling a caboose! So, you want to take it home or not? 800 beads N/A
12 Helicopter
KEY Furniture Helicopter.png
I’ve never been in one of these. I’m scared of heights…and helicopters. 1,200 beads N/A
13 Guitar
KEY Furniture Guitar.png
These are good for people who can’t afford electric guitars. 800 beads N/A
14 Electric Guitar
KEY Furniture Electric Guitar.png
These are good for people who decided not to buy an acoustic guitar. 1,200 beads N/A
15 Trumpet
KEY Furniture Trumpet.png
So, just push one of those three valves there and blow in it, I guess… It’s loud. 500 beads N/A
16 Xylophone
KEY Furniture Xylophone.png
You may think it's a phone, but it isn't. It's not a phone at all. That's just its name. 800 beads N/A
17 Microphone
KEY Furniture Microphone.png
This microphone even makes me sound like a dreamy crooner! 1,200 beads N/A
18 Taiko Drum
KEY Furniture Taiko Drum.png
This is a large drum used at festivals. I’m not sure about that, but it looks festive, eh? 1,200 beads N/A
19 Snare Drum
KEY Furniture Snare Drum.png
This drum is good for marching. I dunno, you do a lot of marching? 500 beads N/A
20 Waddle Dee
KEY Furniture Waddle Dee.png
This is a giant cuddly Waddle Dee. Don't you just wanna squeeze it? Do it! 2,000 beads Based on Waddle Dee.
21 Waddle Doo
KEY Furniture Waddle Doo.png
It’s a giant Waddle Doo. I love these guys! He’s got only one eye! That’s pretty cool. 2,000 beads Based on Waddle Doo.
22 Chilly
KEY Furniture Chilly.png
A giant Chilly. Don’t worry-- it's not cold. It’s kinda warm, and a little mushy, actually… 2,000 beads Based on Chilly.
Available after visiting Snowy Fields.
23 Scarfy
KEY Furniture Scarfy.png
This is a huge, soft Scarfy. They’re cute when they’re like this! 2,000 beads Based on Scarfy.
24 Bronto Burt
KEY Furniture Bronto Burt.png
This Bronto Burt is so soft! I wanna take him out to the park so I can watch him fly! 2,000 beads Based on Bronto Burt.
25 Bomber
KEY Furniture Bomber.png
This plush Bomber won’t explode if you touch it. No, really…go ahead. Heheh… 2,000 beads Based on Bomber.
26 Meta Knight
KEY Furniture Meta Knight.png
Meta Knight was pretty embarrassed when he saw this cuddly version of himself! 5,000 beads Available after defeating Meta Knight.
Based on the eponymous boss.
27 King Dedede
KEY Furniture King Dedede.png
This cuddly King Dedede has no idea what’s going on! Just like the real thing! Look at him! 5,000 beads Available after defeating King Dedede.
Based on the eponymous boss.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カーグ・ウール
Kāgu Ūru
Furniture Wool
Canadian French Buro Beaufil From "beau" (beautiful) and "fil" (yarn). Desk Beauthread
European French Basile de Laine Basile of Wool
German Möbi Webstuhl From "Möbel" (furniture). Furni Loom
Italian Phil Mobile From "filo" (thread) and "mobile" (furniture)
Korean 가구우 울
gaguu ul
Furnituuure[sic] Wool
The final vowel in the Korean word for "furniture" (가구) is elongated as with the names of the other Wooles.
Latin American Spanish Estambenito From "estambre" (a kind of yarn) and Benito
European Spanish Decorio Delana From "decoración" (decoration) and "de lana" (woolly)