Dark Crafter

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Dark Crafter
Dark Crafter Intro.jpg
Dark Crafter (right) emerges after being knocked out of Claycia.
First game Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Latest game Kirby Star Allies (cameo)
Weakness(es) Kirby Rocket
Similar to Dark Nebula, Dark Matter
Theme music

no music given

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Dark Crafter is a Boss from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. He is the final boss of the game, fought directly after Claycia, having been possessing her in a manner similar to Dark Matter from earlier games.

Dark Crafter resembles a cloud of paint with a single eye that also looks like a mouth. Above the eye is a pair of nightshades which was previously used to subdue Claycia and from which the beast emerges. Finally, Dark Crafter has two disembodied Grab Hands for hands.

Kirby engages Dark Crafter directly after freeing Claycia from his influence. Elline paints Kirby into a Kirby Rocket to chase after Dark Crafter, who fights on the move by tossing explosive globs and stars at Kirby. Kirby has to collect the stars so he can charge up a Star Dash and ram Dark Crafter, who loses color every time he's hit. After three successful hits, this boss is defeated, and the game is won.

A screenshot of the fight with Dark Crafter.