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Artwork of Skully from Kirby Mass Attack.
First game Kirby Mass Attack (2011)
Latest game Kirby: Planet Robobot (2016, as a sticker)
Other game(s) Kirby: Triple Deluxe (as a Keychain)
Similar entities Skullion, Skullseer, Gruegloom, Grab Hand
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This article is about the enemy from Kirby Mass Attack, and should not be confused with Skuller.
Quote1.png The Skullys used to hide in darkness. That is, until Necrodeus got his magic staff. Then the Skullys changed. Quote2.png
— Daroach, in Kirby Mass Attack

Skully is an enemy in Kirby Mass Attack. They are members of the Skull Gang and they are skulls floating in a purple haze. In the Skull Key dimension, they float around and try to kidnap the Kirbys. According to Daroach, they used to live in darkness until Necrodeus got the magic staff. They patrol the Popopo Islands, so whenever the Kirbys go from one island to another, the Skullys attack them until only one Kirby is left, so Kirby has to gather Kirbys again every time he travels between the islands. When the Kirbys defeat Skullord, they stop patrolling the islands and start patrolling Necro Nebula, so until Kirby beats Necrodeus, he is reduced down to one Kirby every time he enters or leaves the Necro Nebula.

In the main Story Mode, Skullys are typically only encountered and fought in the Skull Key dimension. Here, they will gather in a large horde and try to dive at the Kirbys to pull them away. If a Kirby is grabbed, the remaining Kirbys need to slam the apprehending Skully to free its captive before the poor Kirby is carried out off the top of the screen and destroyed. Defeating a Skully confers 300 points onto the player. In these encounters, there will always be a special red Skully that carries the treasure chest which the Skull Key fits. Defeating this Skully rewards the player with 500 points and ends the battle early, allowing the Kirbys to obtain the treasure inside the chest and return to the regular stage. It is not until later stages of Volcano Valley when Skullys can be found patrolling outside of these dimensions.

Skully also appears in the Strato Patrol EOS minigame. It appears holding kidnapped Kirbys and shooting it is how Kirby gathers more friends in this Sub-Game.


Skully can be found in the following levels and stages in Kirby Mass Attack:

Skully locations in Kirby Mass Attack  
Stage Green Grounds Sandy Canyon Dedede Resort Volcano Valley Necro Nebula
Stage 1 Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png
Stage 2 Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
Stage 3 Xmark.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
Stage 4 Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png
Stage 5 Xmark.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png N/A
Stage 6 Yescheck.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png N/A
Stage 7 Xmark.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Xmark.png N/A
Stage 8 Yescheck.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png N/A
Stage 9 Xmark.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png N/A
Stage 10 Xmark.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png N/A
Stage 11 N/A Xmark.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png N/A
Boss Stage Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png

Other appearances[edit]


  • According to Daroach, the Skullys felt comfortable in Volcano Valley, because the smoke protected them from the sun. They caused the eruptions and infestations of ghosts.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドクロン
German Schädli From "Schädel" = "Skull"