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Volcano Valley - Stage 4

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Volcano Valley - Stage 4
Volcano Valley Stage 4 KMA.png
The Banishback can banish them back.
Level Volcano Valley
Kirbys needed 6
Medals 3
Rainbow Medal Medal 1
Stage order
Volcano Valley - Stage 3 Volcano Valley - Stage 5
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Volcano Valley - Stage 4 is a stage in Volcano Valley, from Kirby Mass Attack. 6 Kirbys are needed to enter the stage. This stage contains a Rainbow Bubble.


The stage begins in a cave with Buufuu guarding it. From there, a cannon leads up to the first long passage outside, where the Banishbacks roam. If any Kirby is caught by these dark clouds, they will be sent back to the beginning of the path.

The path splits in two after an encounter with Spideroos. Pulling down the large cobweb will take the Kirbys to an underwater section, where air depletes more quickly than usual. Ignoring the cobweb will take the Kirbys down a tunnel with scales and Zombons.

Both paths eventually link back up, then lead to the stage exit.

Medal guide[edit]

The following are the locations of each medal in Volcano Valley - Stage 4, including Daroach's hints and more details where applicable.

Medal locations in Volcano Valley - Stage 4  
Medal Daroach's hint How to reach
Rainbow Medal.png
Medal 1
One of the castle stages is teeming with Spideroos. You'll be tempted to race past them, but keep an eye peeled for a skull key one keeps nearby. On the main path, a Skull Key can be found behind some Star Blocks. Collecting this key leads to a fight with the Skull Gang to get the Rainbow Medal inside the chest.
KMA Medal sprite.png
Medal 2
Guards in one of the castle stages will do their best to keep you from getting by. Worse still, the murky water in that place will rob you of your air faster than normal. Swim quickly and save your breath. Because it's said that there's a massive shell down there. And I'm certain you'll want to pry that thing open. After pulling out a large cobweb, the Kirbys will be taken to an underwater section, where their air depletes faster than usual. This medal can be found in a large shell at the bottom.
KMA Medal sprite.png
Medal 3
The guards patrolling one of the castle stages will keep you on your toes. And they'll keep you away from medals, if they can. You'll be glad when you finally get past some of the creepy guards. But you may need to retrace your steps and go back through them to unlock a chest. On the upper path, a turnip can be found in the ceiling which requires 10 Kirbys to pull. Doing so yields a Jumbo Candy, which the Kirbys can use to remove the Banishbacks up ahead. From there, the Kirbys have to pull up a grate holding a Key, then go back down the hall they were in before to find the chest holding the medal inside.


Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

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