Sandy Canyon - Boss Stage

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Sandy Canyon - Boss Stage
Survival Rush KMA Lady Ivy.png
The Kirbys do damage to Lady Ivy by slamming her with the see-saw platform they are battling on.
Level Sandy Canyon
Kirbys Needed 10
Boss Lady Ivy
Stage Order
Sandy Canyon - Stage 11 Dedede Resort - Stage 1
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Sandy Canyon - Boss Stage is the last stage in Sandy Canyon, from Kirby Mass Attack, unlocked by activating the Rainbow Bubble in Sandy Canyon - Stage 11. In this stage, the Kirbys battle against Lady Ivy. 10 Kirbys are required to enter the stage, and completing it unlocks the next level: Dedede Resort.


The stage begins with a brief cut-scene which wordlessly demonstrates how the fight will take place, when Lady Ivy crashes out of the sea of thorny vines below to knock some Stactuses off the see-saw platform, leaving Lady Ivy momentarily dazed. When the Kirbys enter, their weight causes the see-saw to tilt back, dealing the first hit to Lady Ivy before the player even has control.

From here, the fight proper begins, and Lady Ivy will routinely try to launch the Kirbys off the platform, but can be attacked using the method shown in the opening. In addition to this, Lady Ivy can shoot out spores that flutter down through the air before transforming into Stactuses that the Kirbys will need to deal with, lest they get in the way or throw off the balance of the see-saw. These seedlings can also transform into woody arrows that fall down and will need to be avoided. Further into the fight, Lady Ivy will grow a big tendril to hold one side of the see-saw down, preventing the Kirbys from using it momentarily, but this can be attacked by pummeling it.

Not counting the hit taken prior to the battle start, Lady Ivy needs to be hit by the see-saw five times to be defeated.

In Necro Nebula[edit]

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Needs Necro Nebula version of battle
Necro Nebula - Stage 2

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Level Necro Nebula
Kirbys Needed 1
Boss Lady Ivy
Stage Order
Necro Nebula - Stage 1 Necro Nebula - Stage 3
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Necro Nebula - Stage 2 is the second stage in Necro Nebula, from Kirby Mass Attack, available from the start, where the Kirbys rematch against Lady Ivy. Only 1 Kirby is required to enter the stage, and completing it is necessary to unlock the final boss stage.

Differences from Sandy Canyon[edit]

  • The background is changed to that of the Necro Nebula keep, with towering spires of rock around it.
  • Lady Ivy has a different color scheme.
  • If there are less than 10 Kirbys on the field, Big Birdee will appear every now and then to drop Fruit for the Kirbys to eat.