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Loomis Woole

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Loomis Woole
KEY Loomis Woole screenshot.jpg
Loomis Woole in his Fabric Shop.
First appearance Kirby's Epic Yarn (2010)
Latest appearance Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn (2019)
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The designer everyone is talking about! He's always looking for inspiration...
— Cast quote from Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Loomis Woole is a minor character in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. He is one of Dom Woole's brothers and is distinguished by his blond comb-over, red bowtie, and green eyes. He runs the Fabric Shop, which opens up alongside Chaise Woole's Furniture Shop next door. His given name comes from "loom", which is a device used for weaving fabric, fitting his occupation.

Items in the Fabric Shop[edit]


List of Fabric in the Plain category  
No. Name Image Description Cost
1 Red Cotton
KEY Fabric Red Cotton.png
Standard red fabric. Good for what it is. 100 beads
2 Orange Cotton
KEY Fabric Orange Cotton.png
Standard orange fabric. 100 beads
3 Pink Cotton
KEY Fabric Pink Cotton.png
Standard pink fabric. 100 beads
4 Yellow Cotton
KEY Fabric Yellow Cotton.png
Standard yellow fabric. 100 beads
5 Lime Cotton
KEY Fabric Lime Cotton.png
Standard yellow-green fabric. 100 beads
6 Green Cotton
KEY Fabric Green Cotton.png
Standard green fabric. 100 beads
7 Light Blue Cotton
KEY Fabric Light Blue Cotton.png
Standard light blue fabric. 100 beads
8 Blue Cotton
KEY Fabric Blue Cotton.png
Standard blue fabric. 100 beads
9 Purple Cotton
KEY Fabric Purple Cotton.png
Standard purple fabric. 100 beads
10 Brown Cotton
KEY Fabric Brown Cotton.png
Standard brown fabric. 100 beads
11 White Cotton
KEY Fabric White Cotton.png
Standard white fabric. 100 beads
12 Black Cotton
KEY Fabric Black Cotton.png
Standard black fabric. 100 beads
13 Red Felt
KEY Fabric Red Felt.png
Red felt. If you like red and felt, you'll enjoy this. 200 beads
14 Orange Felt
KEY Fabric Orange Felt.png
Orange felt. 200 beads
15 Pink Felt
KEY Fabric Pink Felt.png
Pink felt. 200 beads
16 Yellow Felt
KEY Fabric Yellow Felt.png
Yellow felt. 200 beads
17 Lime Felt
KEY Fabric Lime Felt.png
Yellow-green felt. 200 beads
18 Green Felt
KEY Fabric Green Felt.png
Green felt. 200 beads
19 Light Blue Felt
KEY Fabric Light Blue Felt.png
Light blue felt. 200 beads
20 Blue Felt
KEY Fabric Blue Felt.png
Blue felt. 200 beads
21 Purple Felt
KEY Fabric Purple Felt.png
Purple felt. 200 beads
22 Brown Felt
KEY Fabric Brown Felt.png
Brown felt. 200 beads
23 White Felt
KEY Fabric White Felt.png
White felt. 200 beads
24 Black Felt
KEY Fabric Black Felt.png
Black felt a little sleepy. Just kidding! It's black felt. 200 beads
25 Pink Quilted
KEY Fabric Pink Quilted.png
You wouldn't believe how soft this pink quilting is. Go ahead, touch it! ...OK, that's enough. 300 beads
26 Beige Quilted
KEY Fabric Beige Quilted.png
Beige quilting. 300 beads
27 Green Quilted
KEY Fabric Green Quilted.png
Green quilting. 300 beads
28 Aqua Quilted
KEY Fabric Aqua Quilted.png
Light blue quilting. 300 beads
29 Purple Quilted
KEY Fabric Purple Quilted.png
Purple quilting. 300 beads
30 Gray Quilted
KEY Fabric Gray Quilted.png
Gray quilting. 300 beads


List of Fabric in the Simple category  
No. Name Image Description Cost
1 Pink Border
KEY Fabric Pink Border.png
Red bordered fabric. Nothing too fancy here, but it's nice. 400 beads
2 Orange Border
KEY Fabric Orange Border.png
Orange bordered fabric. 400 beads
3 Green Border
KEY Fabric Green Border.png
Green bordered fabric. 400 beads
4 Light Blue Border
KEY Fabric Light Blue Border.png
Light blue bordered fabric. 400 beads
5 Black Border
KEY Fabric Black Border.png
Black bordered fabric. 400 beads
6 Pink Striped
KEY Fabric Pink Striped.png
Pink striped fabric. 600 beads
7 Yellow Striped
KEY Fabric Yellow Striped.png
Yellow striped fabric. 600 beads
8 Green Striped
KEY Fabric Green Striped.png
Green striped fabric. 600 beads
9 Light Blue Striped
KEY Fabric Light Blue Striped.png
Light blue striped fabric. 600 beads
10 Purple Striped
KEY Fabric Purple Striped.png
Purple striped fabric. 600 beads
11 Red Tile
KEY Fabric Red Tile.png
Red tiled fabric. 500 beads
12 Yellow Tile
KEY Fabric Yellow Tile.png
Yellow tiled fabric. 500 beads
13 Green Tile
KEY Fabric Green Tile.png
Green tiled fabric. 500 beads
14 Blue Tile
KEY Fabric Blue Tile.png
Blue tiled fabric. 500 beads
15 Brown Tile
KEY Fabric Brown Tile.png
Brown tiled fabric. 500 beads
16 Checkerboard
KEY Fabric Checkerboard.png
Red and black checkered fabric. 500 beads
17 Bumblebee
KEY Fabric Bumblebee.png
Yellow and black checkered fabric. 500 beads
18 Choco Mint
KEY Fabric Choco Mint.png
Green and black checkered fabric. 500 beads
19 Blue Checked
KEY Fabric Blue Checked2.png
Light blue and black checkered fabric. 500 beads
20 Blackberry
KEY Fabric Blackberry.png
Blue and black checkered fabric. 500 beads
21 Picnic
KEY Fabric Picnic.png
Red and white checkered fabric. 500 beads
22 Vanilla Mint
KEY Fabric Vanilla Mint.png
Green and white checkered fabric. 500 beads
23 Blueberry
KEY Fabric Blueberry.png
Blue and white checkered fabric. 500 beads
24 Choco Chip
KEY Fabric Choco Chip.png
Gray and white checkered fabric. 500 beads
25 Beige
KEY Fabric Beige.png
Brown and white checkered fabric. 500 beads
26 Country Red
KEY Fabric Country Red.png
Red gingham fabric. 600 beads
27 Lemonade
KEY Fabric Lemonade.png
Yellow gingham fabric. 600 beads
28 Pistachio
KEY Fabric Pistachio.png
Green gingham fabric. 600 beads
29 Sky Blue
KEY Fabric Sky Blue.png
Blue gingham fabric. 600 beads
30 Lavender
KEY Fabric Lavender.png
Purple gingham fabric. 600 beads


List of Fabric in the Pattern category  
No. Name Image Description Cost
1 Pink Argyle
KEY Fabric Pink Argyle.png
Pink argyle fabric. 700 beads
2 Green Argyle
KEY Fabric Green Argyle.png
Green argyle fabric. 700 beads
3 Blue Argyle
KEY Fabric Blue Argyle.png
Blue argyle fabric. 700 beads
16 Black Star
KEY Fabric Black Star.png
Black star-dotted fabric. 600 beads
17 White Star
KEY Fabric White Star.png
White star-dotted fabric. 600 beads
18 Gold Star
KEY Fabric Gold Star.png
Yellow star-dotted fabric. 600 beads
19 Baby Blue Star
KEY Fabric Baby Blue Star.png
Blue star-dotted fabric. 600 beads
20 Flower Dot
KEY Fabric Flower Dot.png
Flower-dotted fabric. 600 beads


List of Fabric in the Other category  
No. Name Image Description Cost
6 Tiger Print
KEY Fabric Tiger Print.png
A rather daring tiger print. 800 beads
7 Zebra Print
KEY Fabric Zebra Print.png
A nice, bold zebra print. 800 beads
8 Leopard Print
KEY Fabric Leopard Print.png
A leopard print fit for a king! 800 beads
9 Cow Print
KEY Fabric Cow Print.png
This is a cute cow print. 800 beads
10 Giraffe Print
KEY Fabric Giraffe Print.png
I love this giraffe print! 800 beads


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヌーノ・ウール
Nūno Ūru
Sow Wool
Canadian French Déco Beaufil From "beau" (beautiful) and "fil" (yarn). Deco Beauthread
European French Morgan de Laine Morgan of Wool
German Desi Webstuhl Desi Loom
Italian Phil Parati From "filo" (thread) and "parati" (plural of wallpaper)
Korean 처언 울
cheoeon ul
Fabriiic[sic] Wool
The vowel in the Korean word for "fabric" (천) is elongated as with the names of the other Wooles.
Latin American Spanish Estamberto From "estambre" (a kind of yarn) and Umberto
European Spanish Telario Delana From "tela" (fabric) and "de lana" (woolly)