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Robo Moley

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Robo Moley
KMA Robo Moley sprite.png
Sprite of Robo Moley from Kirby Mass Attack.
First game Kirby Mass Attack (2011)
Similar to Moley
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Robo Moley[Japanese title] is a robotic version of Moley that appears exclusively in the Kirby Mass Attack Sub-Game Field Frenzy. Among one of the more detailed enemies in the game, Robo Moley sports floating detachable black spheres that act as "ears", robotic arms with three fingers, and a set of gadgets on the front that resemble Moley's face to a degree. The top of the head is a glass case, inside of which a Mogmole can just barely be seen piloting the robot.

Robo Moley has a chance to appear as the final opponent of the Field Frenzy round in place of Moley, though the battle is exactly the same regardless. To defeat Robo Moley, the player must repeatedly tap it using the Nintendo DS stylus. If this is done too slowly, Robo Moley will unleash its attack and force a loss.

Unlike other enemies, Robo Moley's Japanese name is not shown on the Japanese enemy roll call, as it is a Sub-Game enemy.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロボモーリィ[1]
Robo Mōryi
Robo Moley


  1. Name taken from Nintendo Official Guidebook Collect! Kirby (Shogakukan), pg. 236