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The current icon for Kirby JP Twitter.

The Kirby JP Twitter (known in shorthand as @Kirby_JP, formerly known as the Kirby 25th Anniversary Twitter) is the official Twitter account for the Kirby franchise and is administered by HAL Laboratory. As implied by the name, the Twitter account is presented in the Japanese language, and no formal English equivalent exists. On the Kirby JP Twitter, announcements and posts of all sorts are made relating to the Kirby franchise, including "presentations" from in-universe characters, artwork produced to commemorate specific events, news relating to new releases, and links to merchandise and related Nintendo and HAL Laboratory ventures. The Kirby JP Twitter was initially established in November 2016, and made its first post on December 11th, 2016. It has since made more than 1200 posts and has garnered more than 190000 followers.

The feed was originally created to celebrate Kirby's 25th anniversary along with a partner website. After the turn of the 26th anniversary, the feed and website were re-branded to remove the '25' motif, and have continued under general coverage of the Kirby franchise.

Content overview[edit]

An example of one of the tweets from the Kirby JP Twitter.

The Kirby JP Twitter is fairly broad in terms of what comprises its tweets. Tweets range from simple announcements and merchandise plugs made in the real world to special "presentations" made by in-universe characters to describe various aspects of the series. While tweet topics invariably involve the Kirby series, priority is often given to coverage of recently released titles. As such, since the initial creation of the feed, much of the contents relate to games recently out at the time, and characters representing the appropriate games are often called in to "present" the news for those titles. When covering more general Kirby topics, however, the news is often "presented" by a quartet of Waddle Dees referred to as the Channel PPP Crew. Naturally, due to Kirby's own disposition, he is never picked as a presenter, and is often the subject being covered instead.

In addition to news announcements, pieces of artwork, videos, and interesting lore are often revealed in these Twitter posts which cannot be found in any of the games proper. Other details such as musical tracks, concept art, and developer commentary are sometimes released as well. As is normal for Twitter posts, users are allowed to post reactions to each of these announcements, with comments often stretching into the hundreds or thousands.

Post archive[edit]

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The following pages catalogue each post of the Kirby JP Twitter in chronological order, not including retweets:


  • The Kirby JP Twitter lists its birthday as April 17th, 1992. This date corresponds to the release of Kirby's Dream Land in Japan, and is often cited as Kirby's birthday.


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