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Popopo Islands

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Popopo Islands
KMA Level map screenshot.png
Overworld map of the Popopo Islands next to Necro Nebula
Game(s) Kirby Mass Attack
Inhabitant(s) King Dedede, Skull Gang
Boss(es) Whispy Woods, Lady Ivy, King Dedede, Skullord
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One day, Kirby went exploring in the Popopo Islands, in the south of Popstar.
— Narrator, Kirby Mass Attack

The Popopo Islands are a series of large islands found far to the south on Popstar, away from the continent where Dream Land resides. It is the main setting of Kirby Mass Attack, and where Kirby will be spending most of his adventure trying to restore himself after being split into 10 smaller copies by Necrodeus.

The Popopo Islands consist of four primary regions:

While the Skull Gang patrols the skies between the islands, they will steal away all but one of the Kirbys whenever they try to travel between the islands. To prevent this, Kirby will need to defeat Skullord, which will break the gang's hold of the islands.


  • The Popopo Islands are named after the original name planned for Kirby, before his name was finalized as such.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポポポアイランズ
Popopo Airanzu
Popopo Islands
Korean 푸푸푸 아일랜드
pupupu aillaendeu
Pupupu Island

The Popopo Islands
Green GroundsSandy CanyonDedede ResortVolcano ValleyNecro NebulaKMA Level map screenshot upscaled.png

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