Green Grounds - Stage 9

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Green Grounds - Stage 9
Green Grounds Stage 9 KMA.png
The Jumbo Candy stage.
Level Green Grounds
Kirbys Needed 5
Medals 3
Rainbow Medal Medal 1
Mid-Bosses Delu-Warwiggle
Stage Order
Green Grounds - Stage 8 Green Grounds - Stage 10
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Green Grounds - Stage 9 is a stage in Green Grounds, from Kirby Mass Attack. 5 Kirbys are needed to enter the stage.


This stage takes place out in the open plains, lined with blocks and Warwiggles. Making use of Jumbo Candy, the Kirbys can smash their way through this path, and everything in the way, though this reckless abandon might cause them to miss a medal.

Inside a grotto at the end of the path, the Kirbys have to fight Delu-Warwiggle for control of the stage exit.

Medal Guide[edit]

  • Medal 1 Rainbow Medal.png - This Rainbow Medal is found inside a large pile of Metal Blocks. The Kirbys will need Jumbo Candy to break in.
  • Medal 2 - Before entering the grotto, a Key can be found on an elevated platform in the air. The Kirbys will need to take the Key to the chest near the end of the path.
  • Medal 3 - Just past the chest is another medal buried under metal blocks. Jumbo Candy is needed to bust in.


Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses