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Dedede Resort

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Dedede Resort
KMA Dedede Resort artwork.png
Artwork of Dedede Resort from Kirby Mass Attack.
Stages 12
Boss King Dedede
Total Medals 47
World Order
Sandy Canyon Volcano Valley
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Dedede Resort is the third level in Kirby Mass Attack. It's a largely tropical area with mini-games serving as the first four stages. This is followed by underwater areas, a couple snowy stages, and a teetering tree stage. The boss of this level is King Dedede, who fights largely by throwing bubble bombs from a hot air balloon.


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Stage Unlock Req. # of Kirbys needed Medals Rainbow Medal Rainbow Bubble Notes
Stage 1 N/A 1 3 Medal 1 No This stage is a Sub-Game of sorts where the Kirbys have to grab items out of bubbles as they fly by.
Stage 2 N/A 5 3 Medal 2 No This stage is a Sub-Game of sorts where the Kirbys are used as balls in a pachinko machine.
Stage 3 N/A 2 5 Medal 4 Yes This stage is a Sub-Game of sorts where the Kirbys surf on a Warp Star and jump to catch items.
Stage 4 N/A 1 3 Medal 3 No This stage is a Sub-Game of sorts where the Kirbys catch cards and items from Soarars.
Stage 5 Complete Stage 3 8 5 Medal 5 No Completing this level by defeating King Eelongo is necessary to access Stage 6.
Stage 6 Press the Big Switch in Stage 5 8 5 Medal 1 Yes
Stage 7 Complete Stage 3 8 5 Medal 1 No
Stage 8 Complete Stage 6 5 5 Medal 2 No One of the medals in this stage requires having less than six Kirbys to access.
Stage 9 Complete Stage 6 6 5 Medal 1 No
Stage 10 Complete Stage 6 5 5 Medal 5 Yes
Stage 11 Complete Stage 6 7 3 Medal 1 No
Boss Stage Complete Stage 10 1 - - - The boss is King Dedede. Defeating him unlocks Volcano Valley.


  • In pre-release material Dedede Resort was called スイスイー Swiswee.
  • Daroach mentions that he used to "steal the hearts of ladies" at the resort, but that was before King Dedede came along to turn it into his own private getaway.
  • This is also the only stage whose boss fight actually requires only one Kirby in both matches. All the others require ten for the first time and only one Kirby for the Necro Nebula re-matches.
  • Dedede Resort is alluded to in the Kirby Café storyline, where King Dedede invites the staff to relax at his vacation resort as thanks for all their hard work. One of the menu items, "Dedede Resort Pizza with Rich Seafood," is also topped with seafood said to have been caught from Dedede Resort.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デデデリゾート
Dedede Rizōto
Dedede Resort
Canadian French Station Dadidou Dedede Station
European French Station DaDiDou Dedede Station
German Dedede-Resort -
Italian Isola Dedede Dedede Island
Korean 디디디 리조트
Dididi Rijoteu
Dedede Resort
Spanish Isla Dedede Dedede Island

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