Dedede Resort

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Kirby Mass Attack Level InfoBox

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Stages 12
Boss King Dedede
Total Medals  ?
World Order
<-- Sandy Canyon Volcano Valley -->
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Dedede Resort is the third level in Kirby Mass Attack. It's a largely tropical area with mini-games serving as the first four stages. This is followed by underwater areas, a couple snowy stages, and a teetering tree stage. The boss of this level is King Dedede, who fights largely by throwing bubble bombs from a hot air balloon.


  • One of the songs that plays here, Icy Realm, is a remix of the Frozen Hillside theme from Kirby Air Ride.
  • In prerelease material Dedede Resort was called スイスイー Swiswee.
Language Name Meaning
Japanese デデデリゾート
Dedede Resort