Big Beanbon

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Big Beanbon
Big Beanbon.png
Artwork from Kirby Mass Attack
First game Kirby Mass Attack
Similar entities Beanbon, Foley, Zombon, Mummbon, Colossal Beanbon
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Big Beanbon Sprite.png

Big Beanbons are a variation of Beanbons that appear in Kirby Mass Attack. They are a larger version of the regular Beanbons, and thus very similar in appearance, being large, green vegetable roots with orange feet and leaves on top of their heads. They also have orange markings on their cheeks and lips, and appear to be smiling.

When a Kirby approaches a Big Beanbon, it attacks by spitting out large nuts. In addition to this, if a Big Beanbon comes to the end of an elevated platform above Kirby, the Big Beanbon will jump off and try to crush him.