Dedede Resort - Stage 3

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Dedede Resort - Stage 3
Dedede Resort Stage 3 KMA.png
The Kirbys are about to catch some air.
Level Dedede Resort
Kirbys Needed 2
Medals 5
Rainbow Medal Medal 4
Stage Order
Dedede Resort - Stage 2 Dedede Resort - Stage 4
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Dedede Resort - Stage 3 is a stage in Dedede Resort, from Kirby Mass Attack. 2 Kirbys are needed to enter the stage. A Rainbow Bubble can be found at this stage's end.


This stage is a sub-game of sorts. The Kirbys enter a Dedede-shaped building, then are whisked off to the game. The game is one where the Kirbys surf across water using a Warp Star. They will have to dodge Gordos and collect fruit along the way. Once safely on the other side, the Kirbys can reach the stage exit, then pop the Rainbow Bubble.

Medal Guide[edit]

  • Medal 1 - Kick off the first ramp to get this medal.
  • Medal 2 - Kick off the second ramp to get this medal.
  • Medal 3 - Kick off the third ramp to get this medal.
  • Medal 4 Rainbow Medal.png - Kick off the fourth ramp to get this Rainbow Medal.
  • Medal 5 - Kick off the last ramp and fly through all 10 balloons to get this medal. All 10 Kirbys are needed to do this.


Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

  • None