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Artwork from Kirby Mass Attack.
First game Kirby Mass Attack
Similar entities Waddle Dee, Zombon, Mummbon, Gold Beanbon, Big Beanbon, Colossal Beanbon
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Beanbons are the most common enemies in Kirby Mass Attack. They act as the game's equivalent to Waddle Dees. Beanbons have the appearance of a green vegetable root with a bulbous body. They possess small, orange feet, as well as two orange marks on each of their cheeks. On top of their bodies, there are two leaves.

Beanbons are first encountered in the very first stage of Green Grounds and appear frequently throughout most other regions of the game. They attack by spitting small seeds at the Kirbys, stopping and turning red shortly before they do so. There are multiple variations of Beabons in Kirby Mass Attack, including the Big Beanbon and Colossal Beanbon.

One of the game's Checklist objectives, "Beanbon Basher", is obtained by defeating at least 50 regular Beanbons throughout the game.



  • The Beanbons' overall figures resemble the enemy Foley, except they are green, have feet and do not fly, unlike the Flapbon.