Volcano Valley - Stage 8

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Volcano Valley - Stage 8
Volcano Valley Stage 8 KMA.png
Teetering Tree II: Skull Tower.
Level Volcano Valley
Kirbys Needed 9
Medals 3
Rainbow Medal Medal 3
Stage Order
Volcano Valley - Stage 7 Volcano Valley - Stage 10 (not 9) →
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Volcano Valley - Stage 8 is a stage in Volcano Valley, from Kirby Mass Attack. 9 Kirbys are needed to enter the stage. A Big Switch can be found here, which is one of the two needed to unlock Volcano Valley - Stage 9.


The stage begins out in the dead plains. The Kirbys must first dodge some Helmees, then contend with the Rock Hand trying to crush them. Once Rock Hand is destroyed, the Kirbys can take a cannon, which will land them in a teetering tower referred to by Daroach as the Skull Tower[1].

The Kirbys will have to climb this tower, while swaying it back and forth to prevent it leaning on one side too long. There are plenty of opening where the Kirbys can fall out if they are not careful. Along the way, several Rock Hands will punch into the tower, and the Kirbys will have to repel them. At the very top, the Kirbys need to get into a cannon and fight off the last Rock Hand using it. If they fail, the Kirbys will be knocked into a wasteland area where they will have to fend off an endless horde of Zombons.

From there, the Kirbys land in the cloudtops, and can use cannons to chase down some Delufloofs. Once that's done, Big Birdee will come and take the Kirbys to the stage exit.

Medal Guide[edit]

  • Medal 1 - In the first teetering tower area, this medal can be found on one of the external structures.
  • Medal 2 - Near the top of the tower, this medal can be found on the same floor as a large rolling spike ball.
  • Medal 3 Rainbow Medal.png - After leaving the tower, the Kirbys can use cannons in the cloud-tops to chase after a horde of Delufloofs. One of them has the Rainbow Medal.


Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses


  1. "Watch out for the giant rock hand that tangles with you high in the Skull Tower." --Daroach, in Kirby Mass Attack