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Artwork of Buzzybat from Kirby Mass Attack
Debut game Kirby Mass Attack
Copy Ability N/A
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Buzzybat is a Mid-Boss in Kirby Mass Attack, and is the final one faced in the game if the stages were played in order, appearing in Volcano Valley - Stage 9. In its normal form, it is quite small, and only appears to be a yellow bat. However, it is capable of generating many other bats to protect itself, including Pricklebats. The Kirbys can attack Buzzybat by pummeling it, but getting to it in the first place can be quite tricky. Periodically, Buzzybat stops, and transforms into a giant tombstone, then tries to crash down on the Kirbys. Buzzybat's fight takes place in three phases, with the central bat becoming harder to hit each time.

Once Buzzybat is defeated, it turns into a skeleton, leaving the Kirbys to make their way to Skullord.