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Green Grounds - Stage 4

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Green Grounds - Stage 4
Green Grounds Stage 4 KMA.png
Down they go in Stage 4.
Level Green Grounds
Kirbys needed 3
Medals 5
Rainbow Medal Medal 3
Theme music

Clip of the music that primarily plays in Green Grounds - Stage 4.

Stage order
Green Grounds - Stage 3 Green Grounds - Stage 5
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Green Grounds - Stage 4 is a stage in Green Grounds from Kirby Mass Attack. 3 Kirbys are needed to enter the stage.

This stage is set primarily in two underground caves below a rainy field, traversed by breaking groups of metal blocks with the help of cannons and Jerkweeds.


The Kirbys about to enter the cave by the main entrance, with some apples above leading the way to the alternate path

The stage begins in a rainy field. To the right, past a Big Beanbon, either a Jerkweed can be pulled to crash through metal blocks into a cave, or a trail of apples can be followed above to an alternate path. Inside the cave, a Beanbon can be pummeled to break some metal blocks, freeing a key needed to open a treasure chest. Afterwards, the Kirbys will traverse a one-way thin floor that leads to an Oohroo. If the Kirbys take the alternate path, they will have to go past various Tappys before encountering another Jerkweed. After pulling the Jerkweed, the Kirbys will crash through a group of metal blocks, grabbing a medal and falling upon the Oohroo in the process. As the Kirbys proceed on the rejoined path, they will find a trio of propeller weeds, the latter of which concealing a door to a side chamber. The side chamber is full of propeller weeds that yield a variety of fruit, including one Maxim Tomato. The propeller weeds are guarded by enemies and lead back into the main tunnel. At the end of the tunnel is a Jerkweed which alternates between being normal and thorny. The Kirbys must pull it down when it does not have thorns to proceed further into the cave.

In the next area, the Kirbys fall into a room full of Posulas. If the Kirbys proceed left, they will encounter a series of cannons that will take them to the end of the area, getting them out of the cave while as they evade danger and a medal alike. Otherwise, they can go right to take the scenic route. The latter route will have the Kirbys pass through some obstacles, a Recovery Ring and the stage's shortcut before getting forced into an encounter with Battybat. Defeating Battybat causes four Jerkweeds to appear, with one of them containing a cannon that leads the Kirbys to the exit of the cave.

Back out on the plains, the path continues past three turnips and back into a grotto, where one of three paths can be taken with the help of a Jerkweed. On the rightmost path, the Kirbys will be met with a Gold Beanbon and will return to the main path shortly thereafter. From there, the stage exit will lie past a few more foes.

Medal guide[edit]

The following are the locations of each medal in Green Grounds - Stage 4, including Daroach's hints and more details where applicable.

Medal locations in Green Grounds - Stage 4  
Medal Daroach's hint How to reach
KMA Green Grounds Stage 4 screenshot 03.png
Medal 1
I remember searching for treasure on this island when I was young. It suddenly started raining. I ducked into a cave. When I saw some plant squiggle on the ceiling... I lashed out at it, pulled it down, then found myself crashing through the floor! I fell down a hole, and when I finally landed, I saw a flicker of gold nearby. There were enemies too, and I barely escaped with my life. I wonder if that treasure is still there? Inside the grotto under the metal blocks, the first medal can be found in a Treasure Chest. To get the Key, a Beanbon patrolling over Metal Blocks must be pummeled.
KMA Green Grounds Stage 4 screenshot 05.png
Medal 2
If you enter an area where rain is falling, you'll probably see a huge enemy. Once you get past it, you'll soon see a plant hanging from the ceiling. Pull it. Oh! But before you pull it, go up above to discover something else... This medal can be found by traveling up the cliff instead of pulling the first Jerkweed. From there, past two Tappys, another jerkweed can be found. Pulling it causes the Kirbys to crash down and get the medal.
KMA Green Grounds Stage 4 screenshot 12.png
Medal 3
It's said that the huge Battybat guards a medal. I've heard he makes his home in a damp place, and there's a very damp spot around here where it rains. There's a cannon near that area, but don't use it, or you'll never find Battybat. After defeating Battybat, four Jerkweeds appear in the ceiling. The rightmost one holds the Rainbow Medal.
KMA Green Grounds Stage 4 screenshot 14.png
Medal 4
Turnips get bigger and bigger as they soak up more water. I bet you'll find a really massive turnip in a place where it rains. I only say this because there's a legend that there's a treasure near one of the biggest turnips around. But I doubt you could tangle with such a huge turnip unless you had 10 Kirbys. Back out in the plains, a turnip can be pulled, though it requires 10 Kirbys to do so. Pulling it reveals the medal.
KMA Green Grounds Stage 4 screenshot 16.png
Medal 5
I can't stand rain. It makes a slimy mess of my fur. But plants love rain, of course, and there are plants here in a rainy area that move around. Pull one such plant down, but do so when it moves into the middle of its area. Trust me. You'll see why. In the grotto with the moving Jerkweed, the Kirbys must stop it and pull it down over the middle of the three Metal Block barricades.


Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

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