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KEY Carrie artwork.png
Artwork of Carrie from Kirby's Epic Yarn.
First appearance Kirby's Epic Yarn (2010)
Latest appearance Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn (2019)
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Loves cute things and going out. Take her out and treat her to a pleasant surprise!
— Cast quote from Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn.

Carrie is one of Kirby's neighbors in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. She appears in apartment 202, which requires the Bronto Slide, the Stuffed Bear and the Dessert Dresser before Kirby and Prince Fluff can meet her. Carrie's mini-game, which is called "Carrie's Transport", has Kirby carrying her body to a specific point in a level in a certain amount of time. Unlike yarn balls, her throw trajectory is curved downwards, and unlike with Kirby or Prince Fluff, throwing Carrie does not break blocks. Like the other neighbors, she will sometimes visit Kirby in his pad while he is on his adventure.

Carrie's name is a pun on "carry", which is what Kirby and Prince Fluff do with her.

Carrie’s Transport[edit]

Main article: Carrie's Transport
No. Level Difficulty Time (minutes) Fabric
1 KEEY Carrie's Transport screenshot 1.png
Patch Castle
1 2:00 KEY Fabric Fluff Blue.png
Fluff Blue
2 KEEY Carrie's Transport screenshot 2.png
Fountain Gardens
1 1:00 KEY Fabric Green Tartan.png
Green Tartan
3 KEEY Carrie's Transport screenshot 3.png
Flower Fields
2 1:00 KEY Fabric Berry Soda.png
Berry Soda
4 KEEY Carrie's Transport screenshot 4.png
Lava Landing
3 2:00 KEY Fabric Lava.png
5 KEEY Carrie's Transport screenshot 5.png
Mushroom Run
3 1:30 KEY Fabric Mushroom Soil.png
Mushroom Soil
6 KEEY Carrie's Transport screenshot 6.png
Melody Town
3 1:30 KEY Fabric Yellow Dot.png
Yellow Dot
7 KEEY Carrie's Transport screenshot 7.png
Splash Beach
3 2:00 KEY Fabric Palm Island.png
Palm Island
8 KEEY Carrie's Transport screenshot 8.png
Secret Island
3 1:30 KEY Fabric Treasure Map.png
Treasure Map
9 KEEY Carrie's Transport screenshot 9.png
Cozy Cabin
4 1:30 KEY Fabric Warm Mittens.png
Warm Mittens
10 KEEY Carrie's Transport screenshot 10.png
Tube Town
4 1:00 KEY Fabric Famicom.png
11 KEEY Carrie's Transport screenshot 11.png
Big-Bean Vine
4 1:30 KEY Fabric Blue Dot.png
Blue Dot
12 KEEY Carrie's Transport screenshot 12.png
Tempest Towers
5 2:00 KEY Fabric Pink Waves.png
Pink Waves


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コロン
Likely a derivation of「ころころ」(koro-koro, onomatopoeia for light and small things rolling), referring to her round shape
French Coquette May be a pun on "coquette" (flirt) with feminine diminutive "-ette"
German Huckepaula From "Huckepack" (piggyback) and the female name "Paula"
Italian Pigretta From "pigra" (lazy) with female diminutive suffix "-etta"
Korean 캐리
Transliteration of the English name
Latin American Spanish Yevamé Pun on "llevame" (take me)
European Spanish Carguita Diminutive of "carga" (load)