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MA Fruit.png
Kirby finds the first Fruit in Green Grounds.
Use Creating new Mini-Kirbys, scoring points.
Obtained Scattered in stages and from enemies.
Game(s) Kirby Mass Attack
Comparable to Point Star
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This article is about collectable fruits in Kirby Mass Attack. For information about fruit as food, see Food.

Fruit are a series of items that can be found in Kirby Mass Attack. Although not useful for recovering Stamina, the Mini-Kirbys can eat fruit to create duplicates of themselves up to ten. 100 fruit points are needed to create a new Mini-Kirby.

Fruit can be found scattered throughout each non-Boss stage, and can also be obtained from enemies. Eating them does not restore the Stamina of the Kirbys.

There are a few different types of fruit:

  • Apples are the most common, and are worth one fruit point and 50 score points.
  • Bananas are rarer, and are worth 10 fruit points and 100 score points.
  • Melons are rarer still, and are worth 30 fruit points and 300 score points.
  • Maxim Tomatoes are the rarest, worth 100 fruit points and 1000 score points.

If 100 fruit points are reached with 10 Mini-Kirbys on the field already, 10000 score points are given instead.


  • After flying to a previously visited island (and thus being reduced to 1 Kirby), any one of the stages which require only 1 Kirby to enter may be affected by a fruit bonus, which causes all Apples and Bananas in that stage to become Melons until there are 10 Kirbys again.
  • Certain objectives in the Checklist require the Kirbys to collect every piece of Fruit in a given stage. However, this does not require collecting fruit that falls from enemies when defeated.