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KMA Apple artwork.jpgKMA Bananas artwork.jpgKMA Melon artwork.jpg
Artwork of the primary types of fruit in Kirby Mass Attack.
Use Creating new Mini-Kirbys, scoring points.
Obtained Scattered in stages and from enemies.
Game(s) Kirby Mass Attack
Comparable to Point Star
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This article is about collectable fruits in Kirby Mass Attack. For information about fruit as food, see Food. For information about apples as obstacles, see Apple. For information about fruit in Kirby's Dream Buffet, see Strawberry. For information about the collectable fruit in Magolor Epilogue: The Interdimensional Traveler, see Fruit Fragment.
Tough world, where one Kirby can get whittled into so many itty-bitty Kirbys! But as long as one Kirby is left after a fight, he can bring back all the others. Just wolf down the fruit on this island. Its power will restore your numbers!
— Daroach, in Kirby Mass Attack

Fruit are a type of item in Kirby Mass Attack. Although not useful for recovering health, the Kirbys can eat fruit to create duplicates of themselves up to ten. 100 fruit points are needed to create a new Kirby. Fruit can be found scattered out in the open or may simply appear throughout each stage, and can also be obtained from enemies, within bubbles, and from certain objects such as blocks, Jerkweeds, and more specific stage elements. Fruit that is already out in the open will typically float in the air and wait for the Kirbys to grab them, while fruit that are generated from enemies and objects will usually fall to the ground and disappear if not collected in a timely manner. In addition to increasing the fruit meter, they are also worth points when collected. Certain objectives in the Checklist require the Kirbys to collect every piece of fruit in a given stage; however, this does not require collecting fruit that falls from enemies when defeated.

Types of fruit[edit]

Kirby finds the first fruit in Green Grounds

There are a few different types of fruit in the game, as follows:

Fruit in Kirby Mass Attack  
Fruit Fruit points Score points Notes
KMA Apple sprite.png
1 50 Sometimes will be found as temporary green apples which spawn a reward if all are collected.
KMA Bananas sprite.png
10 100 Often associated with Oohroo, who crave this fruit more than any other.
KMA Melon sprite.png
30 300 Will appear in place of Apples and Bananas if a Fruit Bonus is active on a stage. This bonus can happen when the player only has one Kirby on the map screen of an already-cleared level.
100 1000 Completely fills up the fruit gauge, directly adding an extra Kirby or awarding 10000 points if there are already ten Kirbys on the field.

If 100 fruit points are reached with 10 Kirbys on the field already, 10000 score points are given instead.


  • There is an unused variety of fruit in the game's files: a bunch of purple grapes. It is unclear how many points they would have been worth if implemented, but their position in the files suggest they may have been intermediate between bananas and melons.