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KMA Green Grounds Stage 1 screenshot 05.png
Screenshot of a Kirby pulling down a Jerkweed to reveal an apple in Green Grounds - Stage 1
Type Device and/or Hazard
Function A handle which Kirbys can pull to reveal items or dislodge objects
Found Various points in stages
Game(s) Kirby Mass Attack
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Pull on everything you see hanging down in that first stage. I'm sure you'll pull down exactly what we're looking for.
— Daroach, referring to the Jerkweeds

Jerkweed is a common device found in Kirby Mass Attack that resembles a green curly vine. Jerkweed is often found hanging from ceilings or attached to other objects. The player can toss Kirbys onto these to pull them down. When pulled, Jerkweeds often release fruit, and the Kirbys that pull it can destroy any metal blocks below as they fall. Some Jerkweeds swap places with harmful thorny vines while others move along a path, making it possible to destroy metal blocks in different locations. Jerkweeds can also conceal Medals or enemies such as Snoozroot.


Description of Jerkweed in the instruction booklet for Kirby Mass Attack.

While most Jerkweeds do not need to be tampered with, a few, described below, lead to Medals.

  • A Jerkweed attached to a turnip in Stage 1 of Green Grounds requires 5 Kirbys to pull, revealing a rainbow medal.
  • Another Jerkweed in the first stage of Green Grounds, past the one previously mentioned, conceals another medal.
  • A Jerkweed in Stage 4 of Green Grounds can be found guarded by two Tappys. Pulling it lets the Kirbys crash through some metal blocks to get a medal.
  • Another Jerkweed in Stage 4 of Green Grounds conceals a rainbow medal. It is the rightmost of the four that appear after defeating Battybat.
  • The fourth medal in Stage 4 of Green Grounds is revealed by pulling the Jerkweed attached to a turnip that requires 10 Kirbys to dislodge.
  • One more Jerkweed in Stage 4 of Green Grounds moves back and forth, and must be pulled to reveal the last medal in the stage past more metal blocks.
  • A Jerkweed that conceals a medal can be found in the sinking chamber in Stage 5 of Green Grounds.
  • Pulling a Jerkweed in Stage 1 of Volcano Valley will allow the Kirbys to access a Skull Key and obtain another medal.
  • Three Jerkweed sprouts can be found near the end of the first stage in Volcano Valley. They can be grown using tears from a Cryball. The leftmost of these Jerkweeds conceals a medal.
  • In Stage 7 of Volcano Valley, a Jerkweed appears during the Shadowbite chase sequence. It can be pulled to get another medal.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Vigne élastique Elastic vine