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Description of Jerkweed in the instruction booklet for Kirby Mass Attack.

Jerkweed is a common object found in Kirby Mass Attack, resembling a green curly vine often found hanging from ceilings or attached to other objects. Kirbys can be tossed onto these to pull them down and cause various things to happen. When pulled, Jerkweeds often release fruit, and the leftover vine can have the same falling effect as a defeated enemy, allowing Metal Blocks underneath them to be destroyed. Some Jerkweeds exchange places with thorny, damaging vines, while others move along a path, allowing different areas of Metal Blocks to be destroyed. Jerkweeds can also conceal Medals, or enemies like Snoozroot.


While most Jerkweeds are not required to be tampered with, a few lead to Medals, as follows:

  • A Jerkweed attached to a turnip in Green Grounds - Stage 1 requires 5 Kirbys to pull it, revealing a rainbow medal, and thus is required to complete the game.
  • Another Jerkweed in Green Grounds - Stage 1 past the one previously mentioned conceals another medal.
  • A Jerkweed in Green Grounds - Stage 4 can be found, guarded by two Tappys. Pulling it lets the Kirbys crash through some metal blocks to get a medal.
  • Another Jerkweed in Green Grounds - Stage 4 conceals a rainbow medal. It is the rightmost of the four that appears after defeating Battybat.
  • The fourth medal in Green Grounds - Stage 4 is revealed by pulling the Jerkweed attached to a turnip that requires 10 Kirbys to dislodge.
  • One more Jerkweed in Green Grounds - Stage 4 - this one moving back and forth - needs to be pulled to reveal the last medal in the stage, past more metal blocks.
  • A Jerkweed can be found in the sinking chamber in Green Grounds - Stage 5 which conceals a medal.
  • Pulling a Jerkweed in Volcano Valley - Stage 1 will allow the Kirbys to access a Skull Key and obtain another medal.
  • Three Jerkweed sprouts can be found near the end of Volcano Valley - Stage 1, which can be grown using tears from a Cryball. The leftmost of these Jerkweeds conceals a medal.
  • In Volcano Valley - Stage 7, a Jerkweed appears during the Shadowbite chase sequence which can be pulled to get another medal.