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Skullord KMA sprite.png
Skullord's sprite
First game Kirby Mass Attack
Weakness(es) Ballistic Kirbys
Theme music

no music given

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Skullord is a Boss from Kirby Mass Attack. He serves as the boss of Volcano Valley, and is fought again in Necro Nebula. Skullord wears a giant flaming skull and has a pig's nose and stubby feet, who makes his watch and commands the Skull Gang from atop the volcano. Defeating him breaks the gang's hold of the Popopo Islands.


Skullord is attacked.

The fight with Skullord takes place in rounds, with two distinct phases per round. In the first, the Kirbys have to dodge Skullord's attacks from afar by catching his boulders - preventing them from breaking the ground beneath the Kirbys' feet. Once this is done, the Kirbys take a Cannon and fire into Skullord's head, giving him a concussion. The Kirbys then need to hit the concussion a number of more times to deal damage.


  • Skullord isn't actually undead. It was once a Boufu, but was granted special powers by Necrodeus.