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Skullord KMA sprite.png
Sprite of Skullord from Kirby Mass Attack.
First game Kirby Mass Attack (2011)
Latest game Kirby's Dream Buffet (2022, reference)
Other game(s) Kirby: Triple Deluxe(keychain)
Weakness(es) Ballistic Kirbys
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It's said that Necrodeus has imbued some greedy pig with his dark powers. That sounds like a recipe for disaster.
— Daroach referring to Skullord, in Kirby Mass Attack

Skullord is a Boss from Kirby Mass Attack. He serves as the boss of Volcano Valley, and is fought again in Necro Nebula and Survival Rush. Skullord wears a giant flaming skull and has a pig's nose and stubby feet, who makes his watch and commands the Skull Gang from atop the volcano. Defeating him breaks the gang's hold of the Popopo Islands.


Don't underestimate the Skullord that rules this area. That pig has gotten too big for his britches. His lava bombs are too hot to handle. Catch them in the middle of that container. If you don't have the container, you'll have to smash 'em out of the sky directly. Don't let your guard down when he retreats into his volcano. Hop right into an autocannon to chase that piggy boss. Once there, aim another autocannon at him before it counts down to zero. You'll have to aim quickly...or else!
— Daroach, in Kirby Mass Attack

The fight with Skullord takes place in three rounds, with two distinct phases per round.

The first phase has the Kirbys contend against Skullord's pyroclast that he tosses at them. The rocks can be destroyed by simply tossing the Kirbys into them. However, there are a series of three fragile floors below the Kirbys, and if the pyroclast projectiles destroy the floor underneath, the Kirbys may fall into a bottomless pit and be instantly defeated. The very last rock Skullord throws in this phase will initiate a tug-of-war sequence, which can instantly defeat the Kirbys should they fail this. After dealing with the volleys of pyroclast, the Kirbys can reach a cannon to launch themselves directly to Skullord, initiating the second phase.

The second phase has the Kirbys push Skullord into the open volcano. To deal further damage, the Kirbys must use the moving cannons to directly launch themselves into the welt that was formed on the boss's head. Other hazards that can hurt the Kirbys include the spikes present on Skullord's crown and on the left wall, and contact with such can result from missed shots from the cannons. Some cannons are also present with timers on them - if they count down to zero, they'll automatically fire the Kirbys out.

In subsequent rounds, the difficulty increases, with the first phase requiring the Kirbys to catch larger falling rocks in a bowl that is given by some of the Birdees. After three rounds of damaging Skullord are completed, he will be defeated, and the Kirbys can either focus on collecting Rainbow Medals or moving on to Necro Nebula, depending on how much progress was made beforehand.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドクロだいおう
Dokuro Daiō
Great King Skull
Traditional Chinese 頭骨大王
tóu gǔ dà wáng
Great King Skull
Simplified Chinese 头骨大王
tóu gǔ dà wáng
Dutch Skullord -
European French Crâno suprême Supreme skull
German Schädlord Skullord
Italian Teschio supremo Supreme skull
Korean 해골대왕
Great King Skull
Portuguese Cranilorde Combination of "Crânio" (skull) and "lorde" (lord)
Latin American Spanish Kráneo Magno Great Skull
European Spanish Kráneo magno Great skull