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Glitches in Kirby Mass Attack

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Listed below are the glitches in Kirby Mass Attack. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

List of glitches[edit]

Big Blucko clip[edit]

It is possible for the Kirbys to clip through a Big Blucko in the first stage of Volcano Valley. The room with the Big Blucko can be accessed if the Kirbys continue forward after the first Cryball and then extinguish and pummel a Fire Snoozroot, breaking the column of metal blocks below it. Once the Big Blucko is found, the player must wait until it blocks a semisolid platform from above. From here, the player must drag the Kirbys to the left edge of the semisolid platform. If performed correctly, one or more Kirbys may clip above the platform to the left of the Big Blucko. In some instances, Kirbys may also hover in midair just underneath the platform. This glitch requires multiple Kirbys to be performed.

Entering stages early[edit]

This glitch allows the player to enter a stage before the Kirbys arrive at its icon on the overworld map. The glitch can only be performed if the Kirbys pass by the chosen stage while rushing toward it, which is possible if the stage is on a different ring of the concentric map than where the Kirbys begin.

Frozen Grindarr[edit]

The Grindarr in question.

In Stage 7 of Volcano Valley, it is possible to freeze a particular Grindarr in place between its starting position and the ground. To perform this glitch, a Kirby must hit the Grindarr from above in a certain way as it is slowly pulled upward.[1] Not much is known about this glitch, so whether it can be performed on other Grindarrs is to be determined.

Kirby panicking on dry sand[edit]

If the ground hardens while a Kirby is sinking in quicksand, the Kirby will be pushed above ground but his panic animation may continue until the player taps anywhere on the screen.[2] This glitch is possible in the boss fight against the Great Gear, either in Stage 9 of Volcano Valley or in Door 2 of Survival Rush. Though the Great Gear can also be fought in Stage 6 of Sandy Canyon, the glitch is not possible here as there is no quicksand.

Kirby standing on brambles[edit]

This glitch can be performed during the battle against Lady Ivy in either Sandy Canyon's boss stage or Stage 2 of Necro Nebula. If the player flicks one or more Kirbys off the see-saw and onto the brambles below after Lady Ivy is defeated, the Kirbys will stand on the brambles without taking damage. This glitch can also be accomplished if the player simply lets the Kirbys slide off the see-saw in the closing cutscene of the fight.[3]

Satellite clip[edit]

This glitch is possible in Stage 11 of Volcano Valley. There is a satellite in this stage that moves vertically between the floor and ceiling, located before a wall of metal blocks and Bomb Blocks. If the player positions the Kirbys above the satellite as it reaches the top of its path, one or more Kirbys may clip into the ceiling. Any Kirbys that successfully perform the clip will either clip back out shortly after or be KO'd.