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Green Grounds - Stage 1

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Green Grounds - Stage 1
KMA Green Grounds Stage 1.png
Kirby encounters the first Beanbon in Stage 1
Level Green Grounds
Kirbys needed 1
Medals 5
Rainbow Medal Medal 3
Theme music

Clip of the music that primarily plays in Green Grounds - Stage 1.

Stage order
First stage Green Grounds - Stage 2
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Green Grounds - Stage 1 is a stage in Green Grounds from Kirby Mass Attack. It is the first stage in the game, taking place in a grassy plain area with hollow trees that the Kirbys can enter. This stage is functionally a tutorial in which the player learns basic game mechanics, mainly using the heroic heart to guide and drag the Kirbys. Only 1 Kirby is needed to enter the stage.


When the lone Kirby enters this stage, the player is immediately prompted to guide him forward with the stylus to collect a series of appearing fruits. Suddenly, Kirby will encounter a Beanbon who runs into a hollow tree trunk upon seeing him. The Beanbon will jump across multiple platforms to escape Kirby and will summon a number of Star Blocks to block his path. The player can flick Kirby up at these blocks to break them, allowing him to progress through the stage via a door.

In the next room, Kirby will catch and pummel the elusive Beanbon along with a few others of its kind. After defeating these foes, another door will appear that leads to the next section of the stage. Here, Kirby will exit from a tree trunk and onto the grassy plains, collecting fruit and pummeling Beanbons as he goes. Eventually, he will come across a series of Jerkweeds hanging from the ceiling in a grotto. Pulling on these will reveal some more fruit. Also in this grotto is a turnip stuck in the ceiling, but this requires many more Kirbys to dislodge.

Upon exiting the grotto, the Kirbys will come across a tree that they can knock down by flinging themselves into it. From here, the stage continues past various obstacles - mainly Snoozroots, Beanbons, and some more Jerkweeds - until the Kirbys reach a cannon. The cannon shoots the Kirbys directly into Big Birdee, causing both to fall to the ground along with some assorted fruits. The Kirbys will then proceed to the end of the stage. There is a Rainbow Bubble after the goal door which will open the way to new stages.

Medal guide[edit]

The following are the locations of each medal in Green Grounds - Stage 1, including Daroach's hints and more details where applicable.

Medal locations in Green Grounds - Stage 1  
Medal Daroach's hint How to reach
KMA Green Grounds Stage 1 Medal 1.png
Medal 1
In that first stage, don't just scour the ground for medals. Make sure that you look upward too. I'm sure you'll find a medal above you somewhere. This medal can be found just after exiting the first tree trunk section. the player will need to drag the Kirbys up to a suspended platform above, where the medal and a bunch of fruit are situated.
KMA Green Grounds Stage 1 Medal 2.png
Medal 2
About that first stage... I'm sure there's a medal hidden past something you can break through. This medal is on the main path, situated inside a Star Block barricade.
KMA Green Grounds Stage 1 Medal 3.png
Medal 3
That first stage had something that you could tug on... But I think you'll need at least five Kirbys to do it. This Rainbow Medal is hidden inside the ceiling turnip, which requires at least 5 Kirbys to pull out.
Thanks to the lack of fruit in the stage, this medal can't be grabbed in the first way through, being only obtainable when revisiting the stage.
KMA Green Grounds Stage 1 Medal 4.png
Medal 4
Pull on everything you see hanging down in that first stage. I'm sure you'll pull down exactly what we're looking for. This medal is guarded by a Snoozroot laying on some Star Blocks. In the grotto, the left Jerkweed conceals the medal.
KMA Green Grounds Stage 1 Medal 5.png
Medal 5
There's a cluster of enemies right before the goal in the first stage. There's got to be a reason that they're swarming there. I bet that there's a medal nearby. This medal is found shortly after the cannon, inside a Star Block nudged into a hillstep.


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