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Dedede Resort - Stage 10

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Dedede Resort - Stage 10
Dedede Resort Stage 10 KMA.png
The Kirbys are violently bounced around by giant balls of dough in the castle.
Level Dedede Resort
Kirbys needed 5
Medals 5
Rainbow Medal Medal 5
Mid-Bosses Hamsturr
Stage order
Dedede Resort - Stage 9 Dedede Resort - Stage 11
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Dedede Resort - Stage 10 is a stage in Dedede Resort, from Kirby Mass Attack. 5 Kirbys are needed to enter the stage. A Rainbow Bubble can be found at the end of the stage.


The stage takes place in a large castle made to look like pastry. Here, the Kirbys will encounter many of King Dedede's guards, including Waddle Dees, Nolly and the infamous Dekofloof. There are three different paths to take throughout the castle, with the lower paths requiring a greater number of Kirbys to access. On each path, the Kirbys can latch onto and pull portraits down from the walls to reveal items and doorways. The Kirbys will want to watch for the King Dedede portraits with moving eyes, as those often conceal important doorways.

Each path leads to the same final area, where the Rainbow Medal can be collected, then the Mid-Boss Hamsturr can be defeated.

Medal guide[edit]

The following are the locations of each medal in Dedede Resort - Stage 10, including Daroach's hints and more details where applicable.

Medal locations in Dedede Resort - Stage 10  
Medal Daroach's hint How to reach
KMA Medal sprite.png
Medal 1
You've been to King Dedede's castle, right? The one made of sweets? Pull down the portraits you see on the walls. It's said that there are doors behind them. Unfortunately, even these hidden doors are tricky. Two of them will drop you into the same bouncy room. Take my word for it, enter that room twice--through each of those doors. After ignoring the numbered platforms, the Kirbys can find a room with three King Dedede portraits and two Waddle Dee portraits. The two Dedede portraits on the sides lead to an alternate chamber, where the Kirbys will be bounced around on dough balls. In that chamber is a Key and a chest containing the medal. To get the medal, the Kirbys need to first go through the portrait on the left, then through the one on the right.
KMA Medal sprite.png
Medal 2
You'll need 10 Kirbys somewhere in the castle made of sweets. Otherwise you may never find what's hidden in the cotton-candy rooms. Eat all the cotton candy you want to get to where you need to go. But watch out for any cake that is lobbed at you. That stuff is dangerous! After heading down the 10 Kirby path and clearing away the frosting in front of the side door, the Kirbys will find a medal in the air in the next room. A Tury has hooked on to it, however, and will need to be dealt with.
KMA Medal sprite.png
Medal 3
The Skullys have been hiding something in the castle's cotton-candy rooms. I bet that it's one of their skull keys. On the main 10 Kirby path, a switch can be pressed to make apples appear in the shape of a key. If all are eaten in time, a Skull Key will appear, and take the Kirbys to a battle with the Skull Gang to get this medal.
KMA Medal sprite.png
Medal 4
You'll need the power of seven Kirbys somewhere in King Dedede's castle. They'll help you find your way to a room where paintings fly through the air. It's said that one of those paintings shows a medal. Or maybe it shows the way to a medal. I'm not sure. Either way, go scout out those paintings! On the 7 Kirby path, the Kirbys can find a number of flying portraits of the medal. Only one of these actually conceals the medal, with the others concealing Mech Gegs.
Rainbow Medal.png
Medal 5
In the castle made of sweets, King Dedede has hidden things behind portraits. Some things are also hidden by unbreakable blocks. At least, you can't break them. Maybe something else can. After defeating a Nolly on an iron ball, the Kirbys can push the ball to the left to open a Metal Block barrier. On the other side, a portrait of Castle Dedede from the anime can be seen. The Kirbys can pull it down to reveal the Rainbow Medal behind it.


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