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Kirby Brawlball

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Kirby Brawlball
Kirby Brawlball KMA title.png
Title Card for Kirby Brawlball.
Type(s) Pinball
Levels 1
Players 1
Appears in Kirby Mass Attack
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Play pinball with Kirby as your ball!
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Screenshot of the main board during gameplay.

Kirby Brawlball is a pinball Sub-Game in Kirby Mass Attack featuring Kirby as the ball - playing similarly to Kirby's Pinball Land. It is unlocked by collecting 15 Medals in the main game mode. It takes place mostly on one board, where Kirby must defeat enemies and clear obstacles to gain points. He can control the flippers by pressing the L and R buttons (L controls the left flipper, R controls the right flipper) or by tapping the touch screen. The goal of the game is to defeat all four bosses and rack up as many points as possible while doing so. To reach a boss stage, Kirby must collect star pieces found around the board to open King Dedede's mouth, which takes Kirby to a boss area upon being launched into it. Defeating all four bosses is necessary to complete this Sub-Game, but Kirby may also stay longer to gain more points.

Board components[edit]

Main board[edit]

Enemies and hazards on the main board include the following:

  • Bio Spark - Will swipe at Kirby if he gets near. Can be hit for 100 points to activate Tac. Can also throw ninja stars that are worth 800 points, but are tough to hit. This is done by pressing R after certain conditions are met.
  • Bouncy - Three of these occupy the upper-left half portion of the board. Worth 10 points the first time, with values incrementing each time they are hit subsequently.
  • Mogmole - Found in triplets on both sides of the board. If all six are hit, Kine returns to the board. Worth 50 points each.
  • Oohroo - When hit, will wake up and throw a tantrum, knocking Kirby about.
  • Starman - Appears infrequently and flies in an S-shaped pattern along the top screen. Worth 1000 points + 500 for each previously hit Starman in the chain.
  • Tookey - Appears infrequently with two Twizzys following it. Its behavior is identical to Starman. Worth 1000 points.
  • Twizzy - Appears alongside Tookey and gives 2000 points + 500 for each previously hit Twizzy during the game.
  • Twister - Can be found in the upper left. Worth 10 points several times as it spins. It spins for longer depending on the speed that Kirby hits it with.
  • Waddle Dee - A Waddle Dee with a sign. Hitting it is worth the number of points it is displaying. This value goes up each time the Waddle Dee is hit, until it reaches 500 in which it will disappear. They disappear after a while on their own as well.

Other stage elements include:

  • Beanbon - Whenever Kirby passes over, it will first sprout, then appear, then disappear again. Having all three fully out will present Kirby 500 points and restore any missing Grindarrs.
  • Grindarr - Occupies the gutters. Once Kirby lands on it, it pushes him back up, then disintegrates. Can be restored by having all Beanbons out.
  • Kine - Occupies the drop zone. Will spit Kirby back up, then disappear if Kirby falls in, saving the current run. Can be restored by hitting all six Mogmoles.
  • King Dedede - Collecting star pieces is necessary to open his mouth. Entering his mouth will warp Kirby to the next boss stage.
  • Warp Star - Appears if all star pieces are recollected while Dedede's mouth is already open. Touching it will warp Kirby to the bonus stage.
  • Kirby Letters - Located in the upper right. Passing over a letter is worth 10 points on the way up for the first time, but this value increases each time all the letters are hit. The value goes back down to 10 after a few seconds of not hitting all the letters.
  • Tac - Occupies the top right of the screen. After Bio Spark is hit once, it will throw its claw out whenever the paddles are flipped. If it catches Kirby, it will teleport him to a random spot on the board.
  • Top Lights - Three lights at the top of the board. Lighting all 3 is worth 900 points. The lights can be cycled with L or R.
  • Triangle Bumper - Located next to the paddles at the bottom of the board. Worth 50 points when hit.
  • Waddle Dee Bumper - Worth 30 points each. Might throw out Waddle Dees when hit. This has a chance to fire off a bunch of 500 value Waddle Dees; collecting all of these Waddle Dees spawns another Waddle Dee holding a 5000 point sign.
  • Top saucer - Spins each time Kirby enters the hole behind Bio Spark. Results can include:
    • 3 Cherries - Worth 500 points.
    • 3 Dededes - Adds to the Warp Star, which opens Dedede's Mouth when complete. Also gives 5000 points.
    • 3 Kirbys - Adds an extra Kirby ball to the board.
  • Bottom saucer - Spawns star pieces on the board when the arrows are pointing at it.

Boss stages and components[edit]

There are a total of four bosses in Kirby Brawlball, Whispy Woods, Lololo & Lalala, Heavy Lobster, and Marx - this is the order they are battled in as well. Each boss has a different board layout, with different components to each one. Each boss also has their own behavior and attacks they use in their fight.

Whispy Woods[edit]

Kirby battling Whispy Woods.

Whispy Woods is the first of the four boss, and likewise, he is isn't too difficult to defeat. Cappys spawn on the bottom area of the board and can be defeated for 50 points, but they require two hits to beat. Two Little Woods spawn near Whispy at the top of the screen. They occasionally fire small gusts of wind at Kirby, and may be defeated for 300 points. Both of these enemies respawn after a little while after being defeated.

Whispy's location at the very top of the screen. He has three attacks he can use. In the first attack he fires five small gusts of wind in a radius around himself, blocking Kirby from hitting him by pushing him back. During the second of the three attacks, Whispy fires many volleys of gusts in a line at the top of the screen, also pushing Kirby back. The final attack involves firing three large gusts of wind that seek out Kirby. These gusts blow Kirby much farther back than the smaller gusts, so he must be careful about these.

When Whispy Woods is defeated, Kirby is granted 20000 points.

Lololo & Lalala[edit]

Lololo & Lalala are the most passive of the bosses, and don't really have any attacks. They instead have a bunch of obstacles Kirby must clear to attack them, making the battle last much longer, but making it not too difficult to fall out. A Blocky occupies the bottom screen; it tends to block Kirby from getting to the top screen and occasionally ground-pounds, launching Kirby and temporarily disabling the flipper controls. A treasure chest may also rarely appear on the bottom screen, spawning a key that gives 10000 points when hit.

On the top screen there are three lanes which Lololo & Lalala go through. When Kirby first enters the board, heart blocks fill each lane, granting 10 points when destroyed. Bushes are located at the bottom sides of each lane, and trapdoors are found at the left and right of each lane. Lololo & Lalala come from these trapdoors holding green blocks which bump Kirby away upon hitting them. If Kirby falls into one of the trapdoors, he reappears on a chute on the bottom screen.

Lololo and & Lalala themselves each have a separate health bar, but they can be defeated in four hits each. They give 30000 points when each one is defeated, granting 60000 points in total (20000 each in Boss Rush mode.)

Heavy Lobster[edit]

Kirby battles Heavy Lobster.

Heavy Lobster is the third boss encountered in Kirby Brawlball. He is a very mobile enemy, moving around the screen often to dodge Kirby's attack. He also will disappear and become invisible if Kirby manages to get behind him. The arena has three different holes for Heavy Lobster to go through. It also has a Wheelie which blocks some of Kirby's attacks, and gives no points.

Heavy Lobster has a large amount of attacks he can use. These attacks mostly involve summoning things to attack or disrupt Kirby, and industrial weapons such as bombs. The attacks include the following:

  • Drones - Heavy Lobster dispenses three mini drones that resemble himself. These drones seek out Kirby and knock him pretty far if he is hit.
  • Fire bombs - Heavy Lobster fires three bombs into the air from each of his hands. These bombs then fall to the ground and create a small sphere of fire where they land. The fire bounces Kirby back if he hits it, and it stays for quite a while.
  • Paint blobs - Heavy Lobster dispenses three blobs of paint which hop around the screen toward Kirby. They disappear after a while, but if they are hit they cover Kirby's screen with their substance, blocking his view.
  • Rocket - Heavy Lobster fires a golden rocket which seeks Kirby even better with increased speed and knocks him even farther.

When defeated Heavy Lobster grants Kirby 60000 points.


Kirby starts his final battle...of this pinball game.

Marx is the final boss of Kirby Brawlball, and he is the toughest of them all. The board here is very basic, consisting of nothing on the bottom screen (except for the occasional Mini Marx), and Marx's giant face on the top screen. A Mini Marx will sometimes spawn on the bottom screen. The Mini Marx sits upon a ball - when hit he disappears and spawns two extra Kirby balls, and grants Kirby 500 points. These extra balls are almost necessary to defeat Marx, as he takes so little damage with just one ball. After the fifth Mini Marx is defeated, no more extra balls will spawn.

Marx has many attacks, and they are by far the most powerful of any boss. The following is a list of all the attacks he may use during the battle.

  • Shooter Cutter - Marx fires four quick-seeking shooter cutters at Kirby. These knock Kirby if he is hit.
  • Seed attack - Marx shoots five seeds into the air. When they land a few of them will be spines, which knock Kirby very far when hit, and the rest will be flowers, which do a little less knockback.
  • Arrow Arrow - Marx fires a bunch of arrows across the entirety of both screens. These knock Kirby back a little when they hit.
  • Marx Cannon - Marx fires a giant laser beam across the middle of the screen. Any Kirby caught in the path is flown straight toward the gutter when the attack ends.
  • Black Hole - Marx splits into two, and sucks up every ball near him. Kirbys caught will be flung this way and that, likely destroying a few in the process. Debris will also fly out which will knock hit Kirbys back.

When Marx is defeated, the game ends and Kirby is rewarded 100000 points.

Bonus stage[edit]

Kirby gets three Dededes in a row, granting him 5000 points.

To reach the bonus stage, Kirby must touch the Warp Star, which only appears if the star pieces are collected when Dedede's mouth is already open. It consists of a big roulette in the upper part of the screen and two Waddle Doos who give 100 points when defeated, but respawn after 2 seconds and whose beams launch Kirby upwards. The roulette has three rows, each having a stop button underneath. Once all three are stopped, a bonus score is awarded if three identical elements align horizontally, in a sideways S shape, or diagonally. Afterward, the roulette starts again.

Following bonuses are awarded for each combo:

  • 3 Noddys: 10
  • 3 Cherries: 300
  • 3 Oohroos: 500
  • 3 Stars: 700
  • 3 Skullys: 1,000
  • 3 Chef Kawasakis: 2,000
  • 3 King Dededes: 5,000
  • 3 Kirbys: 10,000 (Triple Ball)
  • 3 7s: 40,000

The timer is also displayed in the upper left corner, counting down from 99. Once it hits zero, flippers are made inactive, forcing Kirby to return to the main stage.

Boss rush mode[edit]

Victory screen when the boss rush mode is defeated.

After defeating all bosses in normal play, Kirby is greeted with a congratulations screen, with the bottom screen displaying a code to access Boss Rush mode, though this is accessible before the code is shown. On the title screen, if Kirby holds right and select and presses B, a cat's meowing sound will be heard and a black cat will walk across the screen, which when tapped will make Kirby enter the boss rush mode.

The boss rush mode takes Kirby through all four of the game's bosses, defeating them in order one at a time. When all of them are defeated, Kirby is rewarded with a congratulations screen, and an option to fight all the bosses again for more points.



  • If one of Lololo & Lalala is left undefeated and Kirby falls, then returns, the formerly defeated one will return with low HP, and only be worth 500 points when defeated again.
  • The method to access the Boss Rush mode is a reference to how the "boss rush" cheat code is accessed in Kirby's Pinball Land, which also features the same black cat.
  • Lololo & Lalala's boss board is based heavily on the Eggerland series.
    • The table features rows of panels with hearts on them that disappear when Kirby bumps into them. If all the panels are cleared, a chest will appear, which will reveal a key that awards 10000 points. This is a reference to the way levels are completed in the Eggerland series, where Lolo must collect Heart Frames in order to reveal a chest with the key to the next room.
    • Additionally, Blocky's appearance on the table is a reference to the Rocky enemy from Eggerland, which greatly resembles Blocky.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カービィのたいけつ!ピンボール
kābyi no taiketsu! pinbōru
Kirby's Showdown! Pinball
This refers to the Japanese name of Kirby's Pinball Land, カービィのピンボール (Kirby's Pinball).
Korean 커비 핀볼
keobi pinbol
Kirby Pinball