Kirby Brawlball

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Kirby Brawlball
Kirby Brawlball KMA title.png
Title Card for Kirby Brawlball.
Type(s) Pinball
Levels 1
Players 1
Appears in Kirby Mass Attack
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Kirby Brawlball is a Sub-Game found in Kirby Mass Attack. It is accessible from the stage select screen, and requires 15 Medals to unlock.

Kirby Brawlball is a pinball game featuring Kirby as the ball, playing similarly to Kirby's Pinball Land. It takes place mostly on one board, where several enemies serve as obstacles that must be cleared. There are four separate boards which contain Bosses. To reach a boss stage, King Dedede's mouth must first open, then Kirby must be shot into it. To do that, star pieces must be collected. Defeating all four Bosses is necessary to complete this Sub-Game, though it does not need to be done in one game.

Once all the bosses have been defeated in normal play. the player can initiate a Boss Rush mode by holding right on the D-pad and holding the Select button, then pressing B on the title screen.

To play, all the player needs to do is hit the flippers and keep Kirby in the board. This can be done either by tapping the Kirbys in the lower corners, or by pressing L and R.


Enemies and hazards include the following:

  • Bio Spark - Will swipe at Kirby if he gets near. Can be hit for 100 points to activate Tac. Can also create ninja stars that are worth 800 points.
  • Bouncy - Occupies the upper half portion. Worth 10 points the first time, with value incrementing by 10 each time it is hit.
  • Mogmole - Found in triplets on both sides of the board. If all six are hit, Kine returns to the board. Worth 50 points each.
  • Oohroo - When hit, will wake up and throw a tantrum, knocking Kirby about.
  • Starman - Appears infrequently. Worth 1000 points.
  • Twister - Can be found in the upper left. Worth 10 points several times as it spins, up to 50. Creates Bouncys when it spins.
  • Waddle Dee - A Waddle Dee with a sign appears on occasion. Hitting it is worth the number of points it is displaying.

Other stage elements include:

  • Beanbon - Whenever Kirby passes over, it will first sprout, then appear, then disappear again. Having all three fully out will restore the Grindarrs.
  • Grindarr - Occupies the gutters. Once Kirby lands on it, it pushes him back up, then disintegrates. Can be restored by having all Beanbons out.
  • Kine - Occupies the drop zone. Will spit Kirby back up, then disappear if Kirby falls in. Can be restored by hitting all six Mogmoles.
  • King Dedede - Collecting star pieces is necessary to open his mouth. Entering his mouth will warp Kirby to a Boss stage.
  • Warp Star - Appears if all star pieces are collected while Dedede's mouth is already open. Touching it will warp Kirby to a bonus stage.
  • Kirby Letters - Located in the upper right. Passing over a letter is worth 10 points on the way up, or 50 if done right after lighting them all up.
  • Roulette - Spins each time Kirby enters the holes behind Bio Spark. Results can include:
    • 3 Cherries - Worth 500 points.
    • 3 Dededes - Adds to the Warp Star, which opens Dedede's Mouth when complete. Also gives 5000 points.
    • 3 Kirbys - Adds an extra Kirby ball to the board.
  • Tac - Occupies the top right of the screen. Occasionally steals items.
  • Top Lights - Three lights at the top of the board. Lighting all 3 is worth 900 points.
  • Triangle Bumper - Worth 50 points per hit.
  • Waddle Dee Bumper - Worth 30 points each. Might throw out Waddle Dees.

Bosses are in order:

  • Whispy Woods - Blows air bullets which can halt Kirby. Worth 20000 points.
  • Lololo & Lalala - Push blocks across the upper area of their stage. Worth 20000 points each.
  • Heavy Lobster - Can perform a variety of attacks, including missiles, firebombs and mini-lobsters. Worth 60000 points.
  • Marx - Throws out many projectiles, can shoot a huge laser, and can split and turn into a black hole. Worth 100000 points.

Boss stage enemies include:

  • Blocky - Appears at the bottom of the Lololo & Lalala stage. Can ground pound. Cannot be defeated.
  • Cappy - Appears on the Whispy Woods stage. Must be hit twice to defeat. Worth 50 points.
  • Little Woods - Sits beside Whispy Woods and blows Air Bullets. Worth 300 points.
  • Mini Marx - Can only be hit from above. Worth 500 points, and his ball turns into two extra Kirbys. Will stop producing more Kirbys after the 5th time.
  • Wheelie - Appears in the Heavy Lobster stage. Not worth any points.

Bonus stage[edit]

If Kirby touches the Warp Star, he will be transported to a bonus stage. It consists of a big roulette in the upper part of the screen and two Waddle Doos in the lower who cannot be defeated and whose beams launch Kirby upwards. The roulette has three rows, each having a stop button underneath. Once all three are stopped, a bonus score is awarded if three identical elements align horizontally or diagonally. Afterward, the roulette starts again.

Following bonuses are awarded for each combo:

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The timer is also displayed in the upper left corner, counting down from 100. Once it hits zero, flippers are made inactive, forcing Kirby to return to the main stage.


  • If one of Lololo & Lalala is left undefeated and Kirby falls, then returns, the formerly defeated one will return with low HP, and only be worth 500 points when defeated again.
  • The maximum number of Kirbys that can be in play at any given time is 5.