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Necro Nebula - Boss Stage

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Necro Nebula - Boss Stage
KMA Necrodeus battle screenshot.png
The Kirbys prepare to battle the fiend who split them in the first place.
Level Necro Nebula
Kirbys needed 10
Boss Necrodeus
Stage order
Necro Nebula - Stage 4 Last stage
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Necro Nebula - Boss Stage is the final stage in Necro Nebula, from Kirby Mass Attack, available after completing the previous four stages. In this stage, the Kirbys do battle with the leader of the Skull Gang: Necrodeus. 10 Kirbys are required to enter the stage, and completing it allows the Kirbys to finally reunite into one, thus completing the game.


Before the stage begins proper, a cutscene plays which shows the Kirbys entering Necrodeus' keep and spotting the magical staff that was used to split them apart. Knowing this staff is the only way to return to one, the Kirbys approach it, but it is suddenly snatched away by Necrodeus. Necrodeus then promptly eats the staff, ensuring that it cannot be retrieved unless the Kirbys defeat him first.

Phase 1[edit]

The fight begins proper in an outer space environment, with Necrodeus occupying the upper screen and the Kirbys on a flat surface in the lower. Before battle can commence, however, Necrodeus calls upon his Skullions to reinforce the weak points on his hands with glass domes. This signifies that these points are what should be targeted first. Necrodeus begins his attack by attempting to slam the Kirbys with his fists, and they can fight back by slamming into these weak points to break the glass shields. Once exposed, the hands can then be pummeled at those points to damage them, but if the Kirbys are not quick enough, Skullions will return to repair the damage done. Once the shields on both hands are destroyed, Necrodeus moves into the next phase of the fight.

Phase 2[edit]

Necrodeus' next attack involves clasping both his hands together to resemble a gaping maw, and entices the Kirbys to try and pummel his palms so he can clasp down on them to defeat them all. The Kirbys will need to be careful to get out in the middle of their pummeling before the hands close in on them. Between these moments, Necrodeus will regularly split his hands and fire beam blasts from them that ricochet off the ground and will need to be avoided. After enough pummeling has been done, the hands will be brought down, where the Kirbys can then attack the weak points. Once both weak points are sufficiently attacked, the hands themselves will be destroyed, thus ending this phase of the battle.

Phase 3[edit]

In phase 3, the ground beneath the Kirbys' feet is destroyed, thus suspending the Kirbys in a zero-gravity environment. Necrodeus begins his next attack by spitting bony laser cannons at the Kirbys which will need to be destroyed before they can activate. Necrodeus then enters the fray directly to fire big energy blasts from his mouth at the Kirbys which will need to be dodged. Necrodeus' skull cannot be pummeled, but inside his mouth is an eye which serves as his weak point. The Kirbys need to pummel this eye quickly before it fires a giant laser. During this phase, Necrodeus will also call upon some Skullions to try and attack the Kirbys, and these will need to be defeated as well.

Phase 4[edit]

Once Necrodeus has taken sufficient damage, he will start to frantically fly around the arena. The Kirbys need to latch onto his eye one more time and engage in a tug-o-war. If this tug-o-war is lost, Necrodeus will snap his jaws shut and immediately KO all the Kirbys. Once this tug-o-war is complete, the fight is finally over, and Necrodeus is defeated.