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Kirby Curtain Call

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Kirby Curtain Call
Kirby Curtain Call KMA title.png
Title card for Kirby Curtain Call.
Type(s) Locating - Counting
Levels 1
Players 1
Appears in Kirby Mass Attack
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Count the onstage Kirbys!
— Details menu

Kirby Curtain Call is a Sub-Game in Kirby Mass Attack, available from the Extras menu once 20 Medals have been collected.

The game takes place in stages. In each stage, the player must correctly guess how many Kirbys are on stage given roughly three seconds to look, with the amount of time given decreasing every stage. the player can use the stylus to highlight Kirbys by tapping them. Alongside the Kirbys are other objects which should not be counted, including Rocky, Beanbon, Mosomoso, peaches and strawberries. Each stage gets more cluttered than the last.

As many as 20 Kirbys can appear on the stage.

To clear this Sub-Game, the player must clear at least 11 stages.


  • The score for this Sub-Game does not go higher than 99. Additionally, the difficulty basically stops increasing after Stage 40.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Korean 커비 커튼콜
keobi keoteunkol
Kirby Curtain Call