Kirby's Dream Land

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Kirby's Dream Land

KDL Box.jpg

KDL Player's Choice box art.png

KDL JP Box.jpg

Box art of Kirby's Dream Land in various regions.
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Designer(s) Masahiro Sakurai
Release date(s) Game Boy
Japan April 27, 1992
NA August 1, 1992
Europe August 3, 1992
Australia August 3, 1992

3DS Virtual Console
Japan June 7, 2011
NA June 30, 2011
Europe June 30, 2011
Australia June 30, 2011
South Korea February 3, 2016
Platform(s) Game Boy, Nintendo 3DS (Virtual Console), Wii (Kirby's Dream Collection)
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB E.png - Everyone

PEGI: PEGI 3+.png - 3+

Game chronology
First game released Kirby's Adventure
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Kirby's Dream Land is a platforming video game released on the Game Boy and the first installment of the Kirby series. Kirby's Dream Land was developed by HAL Laboratory, published by Nintendo, and designed by Masahiro Sakurai. Kirby's Dream Land is the series' most successful installment, having sold over 5 million copies worldwide since its release.[1] It was also later released as a Player's Choice title. In 2011, Kirby's Dream Land was released as one of the launch titles on the Nintendo 3DS's Virtual Console. In 2012, Kirby's Dream Land was included as one of the playable games in the Wii compilation title, Kirby's Dream Collection.

Kirby's Dream Land is a side-scrolling platformer title, and follows suit from other such video games of the age, with a few key differences. The game - and its titular protagonist - are designed with beginners in mind. Instead of restricting the player to a single jump and limited attacks, Kirby is able to hover indefinitely in the air to get over bottomless pits and other hazards. He is also fairly hardy, able to take several hits before being defeated, whereas most other platformers would have the character defeated in one or two hits. Kirby is also equipped with his trusty inhale, which allows him to simply eat most of the enemies on his path, and spit them out to defeat other enemies. As such, Kirby's Dream Land is easy to complete, with only five levels and relatively easy boss fights interspersed, but a hidden bonus version of the game lets players go through again against tougher enemies.


Kirby's Dream Land takes place in the land of Dream Land, where all the people live happy lives. One day, a band of thieves, led by King Dedede, swoops down from Mt. Dedede and steals all the food from the land, as well as the Sparkling Stars from the sky. Kirby cannot stand for this and heads to Mt. Dedede to retrieve the stolen goods and save Dream Land.

Kirby travels through five areas of Dream Land to reach King Dedede. At the end of each land, Kirby must do battle with one of King Dedede's top goons, in the form of a Boss, who will drop one of the Sparkling Stars upon defeat. After defeating Dedede and collecting the last of these stars, Kirby uses them to inflate into a giant hot air balloon, and carry Dedede's castle all across the land, showering the stolen food back onto the kingdom. That done, Kirby returns to normal size and lands on a podium, to be cheered by the denizens of Dream Land, who look an awful lot like him.


Gameplay showing Kirby flying through the first stage, Green Greens.

Kirby's Dream Land is a 2D platforming game. The player controls Kirby and must successfully complete each level and avoid attacks from enemies before losing all their health points. Kirby can run, fly, and let out an Air Bullet or use a Dive Attack to defeat nearby opponents. Kirby can also inhale enemies and objects.

By inhaling an enemy or object, Kirby can either spit them back out as a star projectile to defeat enemies and destroy obstacles, or Kirby can swallow the inhaled object. However, when swallowing an enemy, Kirby does not gain any new ability, as his trademark Copy Abilities only debut in the next game, Kirby's Adventure. Kirby's Dream Land also features a score, which gets added to by collecting items, defeating enemies, or even completing stages. Like many other video games, the score has no direct effect on the gameplay, nor is it saved in any sort of high-score table.


  • Left/Right: Move Kirby
  • Down: Crouch / swallow an inhaled object
  • Up: Kirby puffs up (hold to Hover)
  • A - Jump
  • B - Inhale then spit enemies and/or objects / let out an Air Bullet while floating
  • START - pause the game

The player can reset the game by pressing A, B, START, and SELECT at the same time.


Level Description
KDL Green Greens screenshot.png
Green Greens
The first location Kirby visits is Green Greens. Kirby makes his way through the level, defeating many enemies along the way until he reaches a Warp Star which takes him to the Mid-boss, Poppy Bros. Sr. who wants to turn Kirby into a roasted marshmallow by bombarding him with bombs. After defeating Poppy Bros. Sr., Kirby continues traveling through the level to reach the level's Boss, Whispy Woods. After defeating Whispy Woods, Kirby travels to the next area.
KDL Castle Lololo screenshot.png
Castle Lololo
Castle Lololo is the second location that Kirby visits. Kirby travels through the castle, going through several paths until he comes to a room that contains the Mid-boss Lololo, who shoves Emerald Framers at Kirby. After Kirby spits the framers back at him three times, he retreats further into the castle, allowing Kirby to continue. After another short traversal, Kirby arrives at the level's Boss. There are two final bosses in this stage, Lololo & Lalala. They will both follow the same attack pattern as Lololo did in his first battle. After defeating them, Kirby moves on to the next area.
KDL Float Islands screenshot.png
Float Islands
The Float Islands is the third location Kirby visits. He travels through the islands, defeating all the Kabus and making his way to the boss, Kaboola. After defeating Kaboola, Kirby heads to the fourth area and his penultimate challenge.
KDL Bubbly Clouds screenshot.png
Bubbly Clouds
The Bubbly Clouds is the fourth and penultimate that Kirby visits. He travels through the clouds, battling all the enemies until he reaches the mid-boss, Kracko Jr.. Kracko Jr. flies around, shooting at Kirby and dropping Waddle Dees for the entire battle. Eventually, Kirby defeats him and continues along until he reaches the Boss battle. Kracko Jr.'s father, Kracko, serves as the boss of this stage and follows mostly the same strategy as his son but is a bit stronger. After defeating Kracko, Kirby moves on to the final area.
KDL Mt Dedede screenshot.png
Mt. Dedede
Mt. Dedede is the final location Kirby visits. To get to King Dedede, Kirby must open up the path by going through four doors. Each door leads to one of the previous four areas of Dream Land, where Kirby must complete a level and defeat the boss of each area once again. When all the bosses are defeated, Kirby can jump through a portrait of Dedede and face him in a final battle. When King Dedede is defeated, Kirby returns the food to the people of Dream Land.


There are items that assist Kirby during his adventure. These items enhance Kirby's attacks, allowing Kirby to destroy enemies. In some cases, an item is required to defeat a boss or continue through a level.

Name Appearance Description
1 Up KDL 1-Up sprite.png Gives an extra life to Kirby.
Bag of Magic Food KDL Bag of Magic Food sprite.png Restores all of Kirby's health.
Bomb KDL Bomb sprite.png Once inhaled, Kirby can spit the bomb out to destroy multiple enemies. This same concept is used for other abilities in the series such as the Bomb and Crash abilities.
Candy KDL Candy sprite.png When touched, this item causes Kirby to become invincible for a short time. While under its effects, Kirby can destroy any enemy he runs into. This is the only item to reappear in future main series games.
Microphone KDL Microphone sprite.png When inhaled and spit out, the microphone defeats all enemies on the screen in sequence. The same concept is used for the Mike Copy Ability that appears in future games.
Mint Leaf KDL Mint Leaf sprite.png When inhaled, this item allows Kirby to stay permanently puffed up, and to shoot multiple puffs of air continually for a time. This item is mainly used when battling Kaboola.
Pep Brew KDL Pep Brew sprite.png Recovers two bars of Kirby's health.
Sparkling Stars KDL Sparkling Stars sprite.png An item that Kirby can obtain after defeating a stage boss.
Spicy Food KDL Spicy Food sprite.png When inhaled, Kirby will spit fire from his mouth and burn anything upon contact, but this effect lasts only a short while. This same concept is used for future fire-based powers such as the Fire Copy Ability.
Warp Star KDL Warp Star sprite.png Appears in various levels and allows Kirby to move on to the next section of a stage.



Different types of enemies are encountered throughout the game, all of which will harm Kirby if he touches them. Most adversaries can be defeated by spitting something at them, which adds a set amount of point to Kirby's score. Alternatively, many may also be inhaled and swallowed, or used as ammunition; however, doing so only awards Kirby half the amount of points. Most enemies respawn once their starting position is scrolled off the screen.

In the Extra Game, many opponents are replaced by faster or stronger ones. The columns "Normal Game" and "Extra Game" in the following table indicate whether or not an enemy appears in that game mode; if it is absent from a mode, its replacement is listed.

Name Appearance Points Normal Game Extra Game Description
Benny KDL Benny sprite.png 400 Dizzy 1Yescheck.png This small creature spins while flying into one direction or in a triangular pattern.
Blatzy KDL Blatzo sprite.png N/A Shotzo 1Yescheck.png An indestructible, immobile cannon that fires cannonballs at Kirby very rapidly.
Blipper KDL Blipper sprite.png 600 1Yescheck.png 1Yescheck.png A fish with a scuba mask found in some water sections. May jump out of the water to attack.
Blopper KDL Blopper sprite.png 400 Cappy 1Yescheck.png A bouncing blob disguised as a cupcake. Hops around, scattering harmful frosting while wearing its disguise. Inhaling unmasks it.
Booler KDL Booler sprite.png 400 1Yescheck.png Gaspar This ghost floats in circles or jumps around.
Boomer KDL Boomer sprite.png 1000 Sir Kibble 1Yescheck.png Throws fast boomerangs at Kirby, always tossing two or three in quick succession.
Bront Burt KDL Bronto Burt sprite.png 400 1Yescheck.png Koozer A spherical creature with insect-like wings that flies through the air.
Broom Hatter KDL Broom Hatter sprite.png 400 1Yescheck.png 1Yescheck.png Wearing a pointed hat, Broom Hatter sweeps the floor with its broom, moving rather quickly and sometimes jumping. May dive to damage Kirby in the Extra Game.
Cappy KDL Cappy sprite.png 400 1Yescheck.png Blopper Disguised as a mushroom, this enemy bounces around. Attempting to inhale it unmasks it.
Cawcun KDL Cawcun sprite.png 600 Puffy 1Yescheck.png This pelican-like enemy flies through the air in a swooping motion.
Chuckie KDL Chuckie sprite.png 600 1Yescheck.png Hurly This strange faces emerges from a question mark box, bouncing around on top of it before vanishing inside again.
Coconut KDL Coconut sprite.png 100 1Yescheck.png 1Yescheck.png Coconuts hang on palm trees and fall down when Kirby gets near, exploding.
Coner KDL Coner sprite.png 600 1Yescheck.png 1Yescheck.png A hermit crab that slowly crawls around. Sometimes hides in its shell initially, keeping Kirby from inhaling it.
Dizzy KDL Dizzy sprite.png 400 1Yescheck.png Benny Tumbling through the air, this strange creature flies in a straight line or bounces in a triangular pattern between walls.
Flapper KDL Flapper sprite.png 400 1Yescheck.png 1Yescheck.png This bat flies back and forth, flapping its wings.
Flotzo KDL Flotzo sprite.png 400 Squishy 1Yescheck.png An octopus that walks and jumps around or flies straight into the air.
Gaspar KDL Gaspar sprite.png 400 Booler 1Yescheck.png Like Booler, this ghost floats or jumps around.
Glunk KDL Glunk sprite.png 1000 1Yescheck.png 1Yescheck.png Resembling an anemone, Glunk rests on ocean floors and may periodically release projectiles that travel sideways.
Gordo KDL Gordo sprite.png N/A 1Yescheck.png 1Yescheck.png An invincible, spiked ball that travels on a set path. Deals three bars of damage in the Extra Game.
Grizzo KDL Grizzo sprite.png 800 1Yescheck.png 1Yescheck.png Large, bear-like enemies that hop around. They sometimes carry a Poppy Bros. Jr..
Grumples KDL Grumples sprite.png 400 Kabu 1Yescheck.png A stone head that jumps, glides or floats while spinning. When in the air, it teleports around and chases after Kirby if he gets near.
Hurly KDL Hurly sprite.png 600 Chuckie 1Yescheck.png A darker version of Chuckie that pops out of question mark boxes in great quantities and falls of the screen.
Kabu KDL Kabu sprite.png 400 1Yescheck.png Grumples A stone head that glides, jumps or floats while spinning. The floating variety may teleport.
Kookler KDL Kookler sprite.png 400 1Yescheck.png Whiskers This horned creature floats in an oval or triangular motion.
Koozer KDL Koozer sprite.png 400 Bront Burt 1Yescheck.png A black, spherical creature that flies in erratic patterns, often following Kirby.
Mr. P. Umpkin KDL Mr P Umpkin sprite.png 600 Two Face 1Yescheck.png A pumpkin that flies after Kirby once he wakes it up by walking past it.
Mumbies KDL Mumbies sprite.png 1000 1Yescheck.png Skuller Spherical, mummy-like enemies that slowly fly around and cannot be inhaled.
Parasol KDL Parasol sprite.png 20 1Yescheck.png 1Yescheck.png Held by Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos or Shotzos to slow their fall. Can only be damaged once the enemy lets go of it. Chases Kirby in the Extra Game.
Peezer KDL Peezer sprite.png 1000 Wizzer 1Yescheck.png A one-eyed crab that fires beams. It protects itself with its claws when not attacking, keeping Kirby from inhaling it.
Poppy Bros. Jr. KDL Poppy Bros Jr sprite.png 400 1Yescheck.png 1Yescheck.png Hopping back and forth, this small creature can harm Kirby if he bumps into it. Sometimes found balancing on an apple or riding on a Grizzo.
Puffy KDL Puffy sprite.png 600 1Yescheck.png Cawcun Flies through the air in a swooping motion, harming Kirby if it collides with him.
Scarfy KDL Scarfy sprite.png 800 1Yescheck.png 1Yescheck.png Floats up and down in the air. If Kirby attempts to inhale it, it transforms and chases him until it eventually explodes.
Shotzo KDL Shotzo sprite.png N/A 1Yescheck.png 1Yescheck.png An invincible, stationary cannon that shoots at Kirby, usually pausing after three consecutive shots.
Sir Kibble KDL Sir Kibble sprite.png 1000 1Yescheck.png Boomer This small knight tosses the blade on its helmet like a boomerang.
Skuller KDL Skuller sprite.png 1000 Mumbies 1Yescheck.png A skull that flies after Kirby and cannot be inhaled.
Squishy KDL Squishy sprite.png 400 1Yescheck.png Flotzo A squid that walks and jumps around or flies through the air.
Tookey KDL Tookey sprite.png 400 Twizzy 1Yescheck.png This white rooster flies in a straight line or sits on the ground until Kirby gets near, causing it to fly in circles.
Twizzy KDL Twizzy sprite.png 400 1Yescheck.png Tookey A chick that flies through the air like a Bront Burt or waits for Kirby on the ground, jumping upwards when he gets near.
Two Face KDL Two Face sprite.png 600 1Yescheck.png Mr. P. Umpkin This mask waits for Kirby to get near so it can show its true face and fly after him.
Waddle Dee KDL Waddle Dee sprite.png 400* 1Yescheck.png 1Yescheck.png This simple foe walks left and right, harming Kirby if he bumps into it. Tends to move more frantically and may jump in the Extra Game.
Waddle Doo KDL Waddle Doo sprite.png 400* 1Yescheck.png 1Yescheck.png A one-eyed opponent that acts similarly to a Waddle Dee, but may fire beams. Jumps in the Extra Game.
Whiskers KDL Whiskers sprite.png 400 Kookler 1Yescheck.png An adversary resembling a cat's head that flies very swiftly in oval or triangular patterns.
Wizzer KDL Wizzer sprite.png 1000 1Yescheck.png Peezer This clam periodically opens up to fire beams from its eye. It can only be inhaled while attacking.

*This enemy is worth 600 points while holding a Parasol.


In Green Greens, Castle Lololo, and Bubbly Clouds Kirby encounters a Mid-Boss which must be defeated in order to move on. All Mid-Bosses have three points of health; their current health is displayed in place of Kirby's score during the fight. Unlike regular enemies, none of them are replaced in the Extra Game; instead, the battles with them become more difficult.

Name Appearance Location Points Description
Poppy Bros. Sr. KDL Poppy Bros Sr sprite.png Green Greens 3000 This larger version of Poppy Bros. Jr. jumps around while tossing bombs at Kirby, which are worth 20 points and have to be inhaled and spat back. Sometimes, it briefly increases the distance of its jumps.

In the Extra Game, it throws bombs at a faster rate and may charge at Kirby.

Lololo KDL Lololo sprite.png Castle Lololo 4000 Lololo appears from one of four doors at the right side of the screen, pushing chests that are worth 400 points across platforms and kicking them at Kirby. He can be defeated by inhaling the boxes and spitting them back.

In the Extra Game, he walks faster and may bring out Gordos.

Kracko Jr. KDL Kracko Jr sprite.png Bubbly Clouds 7500 An eye surrounded by four small orbs. It floats around, dropping small, black spheres and creating Waddle Doos. The latter can be inhaled for ammunition.

In the Extra Game, it moves faster and in a different pattern, as well as dropping bombs, which are worth 20 points, instead of Waddle Doos.


Bosses are strong opponents faced at the end of every stage. Like Mid-Bosses, they possess a health meter that replaces the score display during the battle and become stronger in the Extra Game. In the Mt. Dedede stage, all of the bosses previously encountered in the game must be defeated a second time to enable Kirby to fight King Dedede.

Name Appearance Location Points Health Description
Whispy Woods KDL Whispy Woods sprite.png Green Greens 10000 6 This large tree does not move, but blows puffs of air at Kirby as well as dropping apples from his leaves, which are worth 400 points and can be spat back at him. Unlike in most later games featuring the boss, getting close to Whispy does not harm Kirby.

In the Extra Game, Whispy Woods drops Gordos in addition to apples, which bounce along the ground until moving off the screen.

Lololo & Lalala KDL Lololo sprite.png KDL Lalala sprite.png Castle Lololo 16500 3 each Lololo & Lalala appear from one of the four doors at each side of the boss room, pushing boxes, which are worth 400 points, across one of the four ledges and disappearing into the door at the opposite side. To defeat them, Kirby must inhale their boxes and spit them back. Each of the two can be defeated separately. If one is defeated while pushing a box, the box will still move as if the boss was still there.

The duo walks faster in the Extra Game.

Kaboola KDL Kaboola sprite.png Float Islands 20000 40 [displayed as 8 in-game] Using the Mint Leaf, Kirby has to fight this blimp while flying through the sky. She attacks Kirby from the right side of the screen by launching cannonballs from the cannon attached to her, alternating between firing a single one, three in consecution or three at the same time, two of which fly diagonally. She may also charge forward in an attempt to ram Kirby.

She moves faster and shoots more rapidly in the Extra Game.

Kracko KDL Kracko sprite.png Bubbly Clouds 25000 6 An adult form of Kracko Jr., this spiky cloud floats through the room or swoops at Kirby, stopping at the sides of the area to fire beams all around itself and create Waddle Doos. The latter has to be inhaled and spat back at it to beat it.

Its attack pattern changes drastically in the Extra Game; here, it can either charge along the ground, fire beams from the center of the screen, or move along the top, dropping bombs that are worth 20 points and can be spat back.

King Dedede KDL King Dedede sprite.png Mt. Dedede 100000 10 As the game's final boss, King Dedede possesses a wider range of attacks than the bosses fought prior to him. He may attempt to pounce on Kirby, hit him with his hammer or inhale him, spitting him out again to cause damage. He is also able to jump into the air, harming Kirby if he lands on him. Both his jumping and hammer attacks generate stars, which Kirby has to use as ammunition to defeat him. When Kirby is above him, Dedede is furthermore able to jump straight into the air and swing his hammer; this attack does not make any stars appear.

In the Extra Game, he moves faster, as well as jumping further and more often.

Other Modes[edit]

Kirby's Dream Land features other game modes that allow for a change in the game's difficulty.

Configuration Mode[edit]

Config Mode intro
Configuration Mode screen
Sound Test
Configuration Mode showing options to change Kirby's starting lives and health, as well as a sound test. The instructions to Config Mode is told by the game after you beat it in Extra Game mode.

If the player holds down the buttons B + Down + Select on the title screen, the Configuration Menu opens, where Kirby's total HP (between one and six) or amount of lives he can carry (between one and nine) can be adjusted. This allows for adjustments to the game's difficulty, making it possible, for instance, to play a game where only one hit results in a Game Over. The Sound Test is also accessible from this menu.

Extra Game[edit]

Extra Game is a mode in which all enemies become more challenging. For example, Waddle Dees move faster, and gain the ability to jump. In addition, normal enemies usually deal double damage. Some enemies are replaced with new, more aggressive enemies. To enter this mode, press Up, Select, and A while at the title screen.

References to other games[edit]

  • Adventures of Lolo - The bosses Lololo and Lalala are inspired by Lolo and Lala from the Adventures of Lolo series, which was also created by HAL Laboratories.
  • Super Mario Bros. - In Castle Lololo, several blocks with question marks appear, though they cannot be interacted with in the same way.

References in later games[edit]

Most subsequent Kirby games utilize the music and motifs established in this title, most notably the Green Greens theme and King Dedede's Theme.

Kirby's Adventure / Nightmare in Dream Land[edit]

Stage 6 of Rainbow Resort is inspired from Kirby's Dream Land

Stage 6 of Rainbow Resort is based on Kirby's Dream Land, complete with a gray background and the original Green Greens theme.

Kirby Super Star (Ultra)[edit]

Main article: Spring Breeze

In Kirby Super Star (and Ultra), one of the Sub-Games is named Spring Breeze, which is a condensed version of Kirby's Dream Land. Some differences include:

Kirby's Blowout Blast[edit]

Main article: Kirby's Blowout Blast

The downloadable title based on Kirby 3D Rumble is in many ways an homage to Kirby's Dream Land, featuring stage elements and Bosses from the game.

For example, the five main levels are based on the five stages of Kirby's Dream Land and use their musical themes. Bosses such as Lololo & Lalala and Kracko Jr. appear at the end of stages. The Sparkling Stars also appear at the end during the fights with King Dedede.

In addition, Kirby uses no Copy Abilities in this game, relying almost exclusively on his Inhale to dispatch enemies.

References outside the Kirby series[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星のカービィ
Hoshi no Kābī
Kirby of the Stars
German Kirby's Dream Land -


Main article: Kirby's Dream Land/gallery

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