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In-game sprite of Stoneik from Kirby Mass Attack.
First game Kirby Mass Attack (2011)
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Quote1.png Nearby there was a creature with a 10 on its head, however. That creature was near a mighty suspicious door... Quote2.png
— Daroach, referring to the "10" Stoneik, in Kirby Mass Attack

Stoneik[Japanese title] is an enemy from Kirby Mass Attack. It is a large tadpole-like creature with a big head and wide round eyes. It resides inside certain doorways in Dedede Resort - Stage 5, blocking them off. To dislodge the Stoneik, the Kirbys must first cause it to become dizzy by swimming around it quickly. When this happens, Stoneik will let out its tongue, which the Kirbys can grab onto to pull the creature out. Stoneik is worth 700 points when defeated.

There is a special golden variety of Stoneik which is much the same as the standard, but requires 10 Kirbys to dislodge.


Stoneik appears only in Dedede Resort - Stage 5.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ストネイ