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Green Grounds - Stage 6

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Green Grounds - Stage 6
Green Grounds Stage 6 KMA.png
Moggy emerges in Stage 6.
Level Green Grounds
Kirbys needed 5
Medals 5
Rainbow Medal Medal 5
Mid-Bosses Moley
Theme music

Clip of the music that primarily plays in Green Grounds - Stage 6.

Stage order
Green Grounds - Stage 5 Green Grounds - Stage 7
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Green Grounds - Stage 6 is a stage in Green Grounds, from Kirby Mass Attack. 5 Kirbys are needed to enter the stage. This stage has a Rainbow Bubble at the end.


The stage begins with the Kirbys bouncing off mushrooms into a coarse area of the woods. A Warwiggle greets them to the right. Further up the path, a number of Moggys can be spotted, carrying more fruit.

In the next area, a Skull Key can be found, though picking it up is optional. Further in, a number of Spinwheel Flowers can be seen. The petals of these flowers can be ripped off, but some of them are dangerous to touch. Past another Warwiggle is the way forward.

In the last area, the Kirbys will have to contend with Moley and his Mogmoles. From there, the stage exit can be reached, and the Rainbow Bubble can be popped.

Medal guide[edit]

The following are the locations of each medal in Green Grounds - Stage 6, including Daroach's hints and more details where applicable.

Medal locations in Green Grounds - Stage 6  
Medal Daroach's hint How to reach
KMA Green Grounds Stage 6 screenshot 05.png
Medal 1
Somewhere on this island is an orange mushroom among many green ones. If you jump onto it, you'll bounce far away. Where does it go? I don't know. But I bet you'll find what we're looking for there. In-between two green mushrooms is a golden mushroom. If at least 5 Kirbys weigh it down, they will be bounced to a cloudy locale where various objects are conveyed in bubbles. One of these objects is the medal.
KMA Green Grounds Stage 6 screenshot 06.png
Medal 2
Have you seen those caterpillar-like creatures that walk upside down above you? The ones that carry fruit, bombs, and other things inside of them? One of them has a medal in its belly. If you pry it loose, grab it before it vanishes. The second Moggy that appears past the mushrooms has the medal in its body. The Kirbys have to be flung at that segment to get it.
KMA Green Grounds Stage 6 screenshot 09.png
Medal 3
In the mushroom forest, there's a key that looks like a skull. Such keys open skull chests. When you touch the key, you'll be warped to a place with Skullys. And you'll need to steal the skull chest away from them. But they're a tough bunch. So make sure that you have a lot of Kirbys before you touch the skull key. A Skull Key can be found in the second area guarded by Posula. When it is grabbed, the Kirbys will be taken to a separate arena, and be forced to battle the Skullys for their treasure chest. In the chest is the medal.
KMA Green Grounds Stage 6 screenshot 12.png
Medal 4
You may have seen the Spinwheel Flowers on this island. If you can pluck all of the petals from these spinning flowers, you'll get something for your trouble. There's one flower hereabouts that looks like a Spinwheel Flower, but it's got a dangerous petal. I think one of the medals we're looking for is inside it. The fourth Spinwheel Flower with the sharp petal contains this medal. To get it, all non-sharp petals need to be removed.
KMA Green Grounds Stage 6 screenshot 13.png
Medal 5
Those wormy brutes that burst out of the earth are called Warwiggles. Some of them have important things inside their bodies. I'd bet anything that one of them has a medal. A Warwiggle appears with bombs in its gut. In there is also the Rainbow Medal, so the Warwiggle must be defeated to obtain it.


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