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In-game sprite of Floof from Kirby Mass Attack.
First game Kirby Mass Attack (2011)
Similar entities Big Floof, Flickerfloof, Dekofloof, Cloudy
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Floof[derived from Japanese] is a harmless floating cloud-like enemy in Kirby Mass Attack. It can be found drifting through the air carrying fruit and other items atop its body. To get those items, the Kirbys will need to pummel the hapless cloud before it gets away. Defeating Floof confers 300 points onto the player.


There are three other variants of Floof that appear in Kirby Mass Attack, as follows:

  • Big Floof - A larger and hardier version of Floof.
  • Flickerfloof - A murky gray version of Floof that rains and strikes with lightning.
  • Dekofloof - A purple party hat-wearing Floof that drops cakes that slow the Kirbys down.


Floof can be found in the following levels and stages in Kirby Mass Attack:

Floof locations in Kirby Mass Attack  
Stage Green Grounds Sandy Canyon Dedede Resort Volcano Valley Necro Nebula
Stage 1 No No No No No
Stage 2 No Yes No Yes No
Stage 3 No No No No No
Stage 4 No No No No No
Stage 5 No No No No N/A
Stage 6 No No No No N/A
Stage 7 No No No No N/A
Stage 8 No No No No N/A
Stage 9 No No No No N/A
Stage 10 No No No No N/A
Stage 11 N/A No No No N/A
Boss Stage No No No No No


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フワフワ
Japanese ideophone for something fluffy.
The translated name is based on the already localized English name of a similar enemy, Flickerfloof 「ピカフワ」 (Pikafuwa), with "-fuwa" being localized as "Floof".