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Artwork from Kirby Mass Attack.
First game Kirby Mass Attack
Similar entities Como
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Spideroo is an enemy from Kirby Mass Attack. It is a purple spider-like foe which hangs from above using silk. Normally, it will lie in wait for the Kirbys to approach, then will attempt to grab one. If successful, it will attempt to drag that Kirby off, taking him away if successful. However, the other Kirbys can save him if they pummel the Spideroo before it gets away.

There is a green variety of Spideroo which appears when the Kirbys are trying to untangle cobweb cocoons. It will try to grab the Kirbys at work on the web, but can be defeated like a normal Spideroo.

In Green Grounds - Stage 3, one of the Spideroos has a Rainbow Medal in its mouth, and will try to get away with it unless the Kirbys stop it.